Hello, August!

August arrives tomorrow. I’m willing to admit that August is not one of my favorite months of the year. By August, I’ve had my fill of hot and humid weather, yard work, bugs, and cranky drivers. I’ve also eaten my quota of summer salads, and I’m ready for some hot chocolate and mashed potatoes. But here’s the deal. I have no trouble at all admitting that I’m happy. Yes sirree, I’m happy! So imagine my surprise when I recently read that many people have a difficult time admitting that they’re happy. After all, happiness is a choice. Bad things happen. Sad things happen. Disappointment rears its ugly head. And yet the choice to will yourself toward happiness starts from within.

August has been dubbed Admit You’re Happy Month by a group of happy people. And I say kudos to them. I sure hope you’re happy. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that a happy teacher is the best kind of teacher a child can have. Thoughts?

Embrace your happy!



2 thoughts on “Hello, August!

  1. Yes, I agree that a happy teacher is the best kind of teacher. But more than anything, I am nervous right now. Sometimes I think I am more nervous than the students are about August & the first day of school! 😉

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