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This past week, as I described it to my friends, was Kim Maintenance Week. Some fluke had me going to the dentist for a permanent crown, the eye doctor for new glasses, and the hairdresser for a cut and color all within the same week. Now I feel all shiny and put together. But all of the adulting I had to do was a real drag. Do you know adults who procrastinate when it comes to going to the doctor and dentist? Procrastinating is an easy thing to do, but it could certainly cause problems in the long run. That’s why I believe teaching our students about healthy habits is so important. We want to create adults who grit their teeth and make appointments for colonoscopies and root canals. Is it fun? No. But is it necessary? Yes.

Here are some activities and props to help youngsters become comfortable with the idea and purpose of regular doctor and dentist visits.


Check out this song that encourages doctor visits for health issues.




Print this eye chart prop to use for an eye doctor dramatic play center.



Here’s an activity sheet that encourages routine checkups to maintain dental health.


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