Heads Up for Chocolate Day!

Breakfast for Chocolate Day?

Breakfast for Chocolate Day?

Thank goodness I checked my calendar of unusual holidays this morning. Tomorrow, my friends, is Chocolate Day! This summertime celebration is not to be confused with National Chocolate Day, which is celebrated each year on October 28, a few days before Halloween. Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on July 7.

If you’d like a recipe for a yummy chocolate zucchini cupcake, click here. The recipe includes three vegetables: zucchini, carrots, and chocolate. Yes, chocolate is a vegetable! (It comes from the cocao bean, which is a vegetable.) The cupcakes are very tasty and (gulp) somewhat healthy.

So now that you know tomorrow is Chocolate Day, how do you plan to celebrate?

Dreaming of chocolate,


P.S. Did you know there is one or more national chocolate holidays every month of the year! Check out this list. Yum!


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