Head to the Kitchen—to Do Some Science! Win This Book

Working from home means the kitchen is SO CLOSE BY! Turn that temptation into a learning experience with Kitchen Chemistry: Cool Crystals, Rockin’ Reactions, and Magical Mixtures with Hands-On Science Activities (Nomad Press). Preview the experiments to use with your students, try them with your own family, or videotape them to upload and share with your class. Then, of course, since you’re already in the kitchen take a break for a cookie and cup of tea.

For a chance to win this book, submit a comment to this blog by Thursday, April 23, and share your favorite science topic to teach. One lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win! (Congratulations to Darcie, who is the winner of our prize!)

Here are some other great science resources for you (and ones that are great to share with families too):

Ranger Rick to the rescue! Right now you can access free digital versions of Ranger Rick magazines, try fun activities and crafts, and more. Check out the educator’s guide, too. Get started at rangerrick.org.



Get a little STEM-spiration in your inbox each week–free! The Daily STEM is a one-page newspaper created by teacher, podcaster, and presenter Chris Woods and includes STEM in the news, STEM challenges, mystery photos, and more. The format is great to share with parents and incorporate into your own lessons. (Bonus: There’s a Spanish version too.) Sign up at dailystem.com/news.



Get inspired with the free activities at MEL Science. You’ll find instructions, videos, and more for chemistry, health, physical science, and more. Take a look at melscience.com/US-en/articles/.


Come on, head for the kitchen, it’s cookie science time!


PS: For early childhood teachers, Peppa Pig has a new guide for families to keep kids learning at home and to help families find some smiles. Click here and share with parents.

15 thoughts on “Head to the Kitchen—to Do Some Science! Win This Book

  1. I love to teach about life cycles of insects and palnts. It is so much fun to raise caterpillars and to plant and grow seeds!

  2. Right now my first graders are doing sound experiments at home. One little girl said of all the online learning she is doing, it’s her favorite! Hands on learning is the way to go!

  3. As we continue our e-learning during this pandemic this would be an AMAZING resource. Teachers could demonstrate the activities in zoom or google hangout and do follow up discussions. Teachers could also push out some of the different activities, let students dothem at home and then share with their classmates making comparisions and discussing the different varibles involved. I can see this book being utilized in SO MANY different ways.

  4. I love teaching the life cycles of insects. Praying mantis are fun and interesting and of course caterpillars to butterflies.

  5. I love doing science experiments with my 3/4 year old children. I love the surprised looks on their faces and all the ohs, ahhs, and other sounds of excitement they exhibit.
    I would so love to win this book and be able start our new year with exciting new science experiments.

  6. My favorite unit to present to the children in my family child care is on life cycles. Every year we pick a new living creature to learn about and I order that creature to actually watch it grow, change or just live in our classroom. In the past couple of years we have had worms (set up a composting bin then), ants, caterpillars to butterflies and this year it is tadpoles to frogs (though now we are watching their growth online safe at home!)

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