Head in the Clouds?

If one day is better than another to have your head in the clouds, I suggest tomorrow. Here’s my reason. Thursday, March 23, 2017, is World Meteorological Day. (Say that fast three times, and you’ll wish your head was in the clouds today!) Anyway, this year’s theme is “Understanding Clouds.” You probably know that clouds play an important role in the water cycle, but have you ever considered how clouds impact the global distribution of water resources? Me neither.

Clouds, of course, can be investigated any time of the school year. Set aside a supply of cotton balls and your favorite cloud-related book; keep your eye on the sky. When a band of these wispy wonders rolls in, call your students outside for a look. To follow up, read aloud your cloud-related book and then reveal the cotton balls.

Little ones can pull the cotton balls apart and glue
them to watercolor-painted backgrounds.






Older students can make an appropriate version of the cloud reference book shown here.


You’ll also find a fantastic collection of free cloud activities by clicking here.

Did you know two raindrops are company, but three’s a “cloud”?


3 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds?

  1. We are doing theme cloud activities and arts and crafts. The children are having so much fun that they began throwing cotton balls up in the air!????

  2. Didn’t know that about tomorrow. Thank you for sharing.
    I have always loved taking my students out and watching the clouds. They have such good imaginations when cloud watching. They see things that I don’t, and when they point them out, I am stunned!

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