Happy Fourth of July!

Here’s hoping your Fourth of July report card includes four Fs: family, friends, food, and fun. Oops, better add in some fireworks too. Wow, five Fs! I imagine these are your first Fs ever! 🙂

I wouldn’t normally be blogging on my day off, and yet here I am tapping away at my keyboard. It’s all because I want to tell you about a very special event that’s taking place today at Daytona National Speedway. As part of the NASCAR Foundation’s classroom outreach program, Operation Caring Classroom, and its partnership with the Armed Forces Foundation, 1,750 classroom kits are being assembled today at the speedway.

raccoon2 The kits will impact over 40,000 children in 100 schools across the country by increasing awareness, appreciation, and support among children for military families across the United States. Each kit includes classroom necessities—like glue sticks, hand sanitizer, pencils, crayons, as well as American flags—and, at random, an iPad, a Kindle, or a 3D printer. And I’m very proud to reveal that your family at The Mailbox is contributing to the kits too. It warms my heart to be know that in yet another way, we are helping teachers “Be the Difference”!

Happy Fourth of July! Be safe, be proud, and be thankful!


P.S. Ok, I have to ask, are these your first Fs ever?


3 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. What a great thing to do. My preschool collected assorted food items this year and packed bags to help feed kids the school district ID’d as likely to go hungry during the spring break. The schools gave them out just prior to the break. It went really well.

    My F’s are Family, food, friends and fire as in bonfire.

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