Halloween Thoughts

I am a lover of Halloween. I have the best memories of walking through crunchy brown leaves in the dark while going house to house begging for candy. I love fall and I love chocolate so it’s really the perfect holiday, in my mind.

I’ve taught in schools that celebrated Halloween and those that did not. On occasion, I tiptoed around Halloween in a sneaky, yet educationally sound, manner. We watched The Legend of Sleepy Hallow because it was a “classic.” Parents brought in treats that just happened to have spooky overtones, but I couldn’t help that. And I decorated the room with bats and spiders. Hey, we were studying bats and spiders. 😉

For those of you who do celebrate some form of Halloween in the classroom, might I suggest a read aloud of It’s Halloween by Jack Prelutsky. The poems are just the right amount of creepy for elementary age children. And check out the fun Halloween song and fine-motor activity below!

Tonight is Halloween!

(sung to the tune of “The Muffin Man”)
Did you hear a ghost say, “Boo!”
A ghost say, “Boo!,” a ghost say, “Boo!”
I think I just heard him too—
Tonight is Halloween!

Have you tasted Goblin Stew,
Goblin Stew, Goblin Stew?
I would not if I were you—
Tonight is Halloween!

Did you see a bat fly through
A bat fly through, a bat fly through?
I’d run home if I were you—
Tonight is Halloween!


Make a copy of this haunted house for each child and have her color the page. Next, encourage her to pull cotton balls and glue them to the house so they resemble swirling ghosts. (Another option would be to glue dyed bowtie pasta (bats) around the house.) Fine-motor skills

2 thoughts on “Halloween Thoughts

  1. I love Halloween and love to dress-up/ wear a costume. A way I’ve gotten around it is to dress as a favorite Book Character. Example Pete the Cat, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Amelia Badelia, etc.

  2. Students love the October themes. We are decorating pumpkins in class to be story book characters. This year we will create Captain Underpants and Pete the Cat.

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