Ha Ha Ha!

Did you know today is a holiday? Yeppers, it’s Laugh and Get Rich Day. Now you probably think this is a silly excuse for a holiday, and you could be right. However let’s think about this for a minute. Science has proven that laughter actually can be medicinal. After all, laughter is directly connected to the production of endorphins, those happy hormones that lift mood and reduce pain. Gotta love ‘em. Don’t you feel better after a good laugh? I sure do.

Now about the getting rich part—the belief is that the more you laugh, the less stress you feel which makes you far more creative. Being more creative could lead you to an idea that shakes up your profession and lands you a whopper of a raise. Okay, that makes me laugh! Yet I do believe that laughter can increase creativity—for me anyway.

So do me a favor, will you? Enjoy a rip-roarin’ belly laugh or rogue giggle attack today, won’t you? And then tell me what you think of this one-of-a-kind holiday!




8 thoughts on “Ha Ha Ha!

  1. I have a funny student story that made all of the teachers on my team laugh out loud: We reward students with ‘smellys’ for good behavior, listening, paying attention, etc. A ‘smelly’ is a scented lip balm product – I like Lip Smackers myself, they offer such interesting scents! The other day as I was swiping the back of a student’s hand with a ‘smelly’ he looked up and said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if you were just wiping chap-stick on the back of our hands instead of giving us a smelly?” (he was dead serious) How can you NOT laugh out loud at that???!!! Thanks for reminding teachers to laugh often – it makes the day so much better!

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