Great Poetry Reading Day

This Tuesday, April 28th, is Great Poetry Reading Day! I personally got hooked on poetry in second grade. A classmate’s father visited our class to read poetry to us and several of the poems were by Shel Silverstein. It was delightful and hilarious and obviously very memorable. I even remember going home and telling my parents about the experience. 


Try this activity for distance learning this week! Read the poem, “If I Were One Inch Tall,” from Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. Or have students listen to a recitation of the poem on Youtube. This one is my personal favorite.  Then have students complete this writing activity sheet (To download the worksheet, click this link. On the right side of the screen you will see a row of icons. Click the downward arrow icon to download. Then send the sheet to your students.)


Enjoy reading great poetry!




One thought on “Great Poetry Reading Day

  1. I have never read this book. I own a copy of his book “A Light in the Attic” and have read it to my students and done several activities with the poems from this book! I’m going to have get me a copy of “Where the Sidewalk Ends” too now.

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