Great Ideas!

I’m currently working on a task at The Mailbox® that involves spreadsheets listing all our activities. I can’t begin to describe the size of these spreadsheets. They’re big enough that my eyes are starting to blur. But my heart is happy seeing how many wonderful activities we have available to help you in the classroom! Every few minutes I find myself saying, “What an awesome idea!” If you aren’t a Gold member and want to have unlimited access to our online library for your grade level (and a monthly online subscription to The Mailbox magazine) go here for a free trial! Here are two terrific activities I ran across today!


Do you have wiggle worms? Of course you do! Check out this adorable action chant.


Encourage reading different genres with this book report wall! It comes with all the necessary printables.

One thought on “Great Ideas!

  1. I joined the Mailbox when I got my first teaching position. There was no Gold Membership back than.. I was so happy when they introduced the Gold Membership and upgraded my membership, I love the Mailbox. It’s been such a excellent resource for me.

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