Got Ideas?

Some of you might be looking for different activities to take up time while self-isolating or sheltering in place. Have you considered submitting your original teaching ideas to The Mailbox®? We’re not looking for polished write-ups of classroom activities–just send us the gist of your idea. 

An idea by contributor, Cindy Hoying, in our April preschool magazine!

You’ll receive $20 for each accepted activity. And of course the whole process is online and super simple. 

Click here to submit ideas to The Mailbox®. We would love to review activities on any skill or theme. You’ll receive credit for your idea in the magazine. (You can even create an “About the Author” page with your photo if you like!)


Stay safe!


One thought on “Got Ideas?

  1. I have taken this time to finish cataloging my books. I use an app called Sort It Books and can barcode scan the book right into the app or put in the ISBN to find the book. A picture of the book comes up and all the info about the book – but the best part is I can enter where I store the book and sort it into whatever catagory I set up. I enjoy books, they are a huge part of my classroom and curriculum so this has allowed me to make better use of all the books I have.

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