Goodbye, Summer! Hello, Fall!

This Saturday, September 23, 2023, is the first day of fall. And I am absolutely ready. I think a lot of you feel like I do. I’m tired of my summer clothing, I’m completely over sweating and bug bites, plus I’m really looking forward to wearing a snuggly sweatshirt. Bring on the chilly weather!

You can make this time special for your students with a fun fall writing activity! Invite students to wear summery clothing, sandals, and sunglasses to school this Friday, September 22. Allow them to bring beach towels as well. During the day, teach one lesson from an outdoor folding chair and let students sit on their towels during another. At recess, play volleyball or toss beach balls. At the end of the day, have everyone throw a kiss to kiss summer goodbye. On Monday, September 25, have the class brainstorm a list of the ten best things about autumn. Then have each student write two paragraphs: one describing things he’ll miss most about summer and another describing things he’ll enjoy most about fall.

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