Going to the Gallows! Yippee!

My previous post was about one kind of humor—the lighthearted humor or inside jokes you can use in an established classroom setting to get students feeling comfortable and open to new ideas and new learning. Today’s post is about another kind of humor—gallows humor.

The definition of gallows humor from Merriam-Webster online is “humor that makes fun of a life-threatening, disastrous, or terrifying situation.” I’d say the situation doesn’t necessarily have to be terrifying or life threatening. It can be something as simple as that hopeless feeling some teachers can get in early November when looking on the calendar at the following June.

I think gallows humor is something teachers get. We love our jobs, make no mistake. There are really few gifts like the gift of helping encourage and engage young learners on a path to discovery and knowledge. But in case you haven’t noticed, teaching your way through an academic year can be a tough slog, like riding a surfboard through a drainage ditch.

Teachers do get through it, of course. And one of our favorite ways to keep ourselves sane and determined is by using a little gallows humor with our colleagues. Got any good gallows humor jokes or stories to share? Perhaps you want to share your best-ever summer rejuvenation tip? Go for it in the comments!

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