Giddy Over Gold

Ahoy, mateys! Word on the high seas is there’s gold to be found at Well, yo ho ho and a bottle of fun—I am tellin’ you, the gold is there! It glitters. It sparkles. It’s called MyMailbox Idea Center Gold, and it’s where an unbelievable amount of teaching treasure is ready to be discovered!

Shiver me skill sheets, this is exciting! When you become a Gold member, you can fill your very own treasure chest with ten years worth of ideas, activities, patterns, forms, worksheets, and more from The Mailbox and Teacher’s Helper magazines. You can hail help from the teaching experts at the Solutions Blog. And you get the next six issues of The Mailbox magazine digitally delivered right to your ship. Simply put, it’s a ton of loot!

To learn more about this one-of-a-kind resource click here.


One thought on “Giddy Over Gold

  1. Do you have to have a subscription to the paper copy of The Mailbox or does this give you the digital copy? I was wondering if you had to have the paper copy and the digital copy to become a Gold Member?

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