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Pot O' Gold Dude (1)Happy Friday, y’all! I have some fantastic Friday news. Today, we are introducing a new segment of The Mailbox Blog called  Gold 101: Lessons From Gold Subscribers. When you head over to Gold 101, you’ll find guest teacher bloggers who are sharing what inspires them and telling how they are putting their favorite ideas and tools from their Mailbox Gold subscriptions into action in their classrooms! It’s the best. I promise you’ll be inspired and get some great ideas too.

If you have a Mailbox Gold subscription, check it out. If you don’t have a Mailbox Gold subscription, check it out too! It’s a great peek into an amazing bank of teacher treasures. (Think: your own collections, a lesson planning calendar, lotto board and flash card makers, an interactive magazine experience—the list goes on!)

Click here to visit Gold 101 and get inspired!

Have a golden weekend!

Diane #BeTheDifference


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