Get Help With Common Core: Win This Week’s Prize!

Are you comfortable with Common Core? Here’s help! Win Common Core Curriculum Maps, a new three-book set from Jossey-Bass. This series covers English Language Arts for grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. The maps organize each school year into thematic units that identify key standards, student objectives, recommended texts, sample activities, and more. Each unit also contains a sample lesson plan. The maps address all the standards in the CCSS and include grade-by-grade checklists showing which standards are covered in which unit.

To enter our drawing, submit a comment to our blog by 11:59 PM ET on Monday, December 17, 2012. In your comment, be sure to tell us how you’re feeling about Common Core and why you’d like to win our prize. One lucky teacher will receive our prize. (Update: congratulations to Betsy, who was this week’s winner!) Then check out our other fabulous freebies and amazing offers as well!

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Here’s another source of help with Common Core: the International Fund for Animal Welfare is offering free worksheets and activities that align to Common Core. Activities are for grades K-2 and 3-5 and cover favorite animals such as bears, dolphins, and elephants. New activities are released each month! Click here now to sign up for the IFAW Animal Ambassador program and access the free materials. Take a look!

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You’ve heard of STEM, but what about STEAM? is a youth engagement initiative that brings science, technology, engineering, art, and math education to life for students nationwide—inspiring and cultivating the next generation of problem solvers, innovators, and leaders. Join in on a virtual field trip to explore the Mars rover Curiosity THIS WEDNESDAY, December 12, at 1 PM. It’s sponsored by foundation and Discovery Education. Sign up now at

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Take a humor break with I Funny, the newest book from James Patterson. On sale today, the book tells the story of Jamie Grimm, a middle schooler with a mission. Jamie wants to be the world’s best stand-up comedian. But he doesn’t have much to laugh about these days! Click here to learn more about the book or to listen to a free excerpt.

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Enter to WIN a $2,500 classroom grant! Professor Eatwell’s Great Giveaway includes one $2,500 grant, three $1,000 grants, and three $500 grants for teachers. Grants are to use in teaching students about convenient and healthful food choices and modern food production. Hurry, this contest ends this month. Don’t miss out! Click here to enter now!

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Teach life lessons with free online games from Special Olympics. Designed for general education classrooms, these games teach students important lessons about perseverance, respect, and trust plus give them a glimpse inside Special Olympics. Click here now to access the games and other free materials.

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Win an interactive science assembly for your school! Two lucky classes in grades K-6 will win in the Siemens Science Day Ultimate Cool School Sweepstakes. Enter daily now through February 28, 2013. Plus you’ll find free science resources, including more than 80 hands-on activities and videos, best practice guides, and more. Check it out!

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35 thoughts on “Get Help With Common Core: Win This Week’s Prize!

  1. The Curriculum Maps books sound AWESOME!! I would love to have themes to teach the CCSS!!! I feel like I have had to take the FUN out of Kindergarten to get the CCSS covered!

  2. I actually quite like the Common Core and it’s emphasis on skill development. I also like the emphasis on both nonfiction and fiction since both types of reading are important. These books would be a great addition to my professional library and offer some guidance as I work to integrate the Common Core with my curriculum.

  3. Have worked with state standards setting up curriculum in our district, and it will be interesting to see how common core will play out with what we’ve established – or if we’ll need to start over. These books might help to make that transition easier.

  4. Sure, I’d love to win this for the Common Core. I teach 2nd grade and am looking for new/other resources to be more successful in class. Thanks for this offer.

  5. With the help this would offer me,a librarian, I could offer much more assistance to my K-5 teachers, thereby helping hundreds of children.

  6. I would love this resource not only for my own transition to Common Core in Indiana but also for sharing with the entire staff at the small rural school where I work. I am excited about the Common Core standards and think they will change the expectation of education in America.

  7. I would love to win to win the Common Core Materials. I could currently use it for my own personal use and share it with my peers. It would be excellent extra work for Substitute Days too.

  8. I am just beginning to study the common core. I work in a small private school with only 12 students. I feel we need to follow common core even tho we are not accredited. It is hard to get the information I need in order to follow and learn what is all involved.
    This would be an awesome asset to my classroom.

  9. I am really feeling a bit overwhelmed with the Common Core Standards. If I had this book, I just know it will help me feel better and more organized with teaching the standards to my students. This book really looks great!

  10. The Common Core is upon us so quickly and it’s a huge step from what we’ve been teaching. Students must rise to the occasion. Having any Common Core Materials to help implement it with our students would be awesome to have at our grade level.

  11. We are using Common Core this year for language arts this year. I’m a special ed teacher and have K-3 grades, so 4 grade levels. I’m very overwhelmed making sure that I am hitting every common core standard in every grade level. This book would help me tremendously!

  12. Our school has not mentioned much about the common core. All i can do is wait to find out more when the school is ready to share or start an inservice. Would love to win any material to help give me a heads up.

  13. I am a special projects teacher for our district. One of my tasks is to provide assistance to teachers as they transition to the CCSS. I would love this set of books to help all of the teachers in my district.

  14. I would love to have the Common Core Curriculum Maps. I am overwhelmed with what is expected of me as a teacher, and yet, there doesn’t appear to be much help out there.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  15. This would be a wonderful resource for our school. I don’t really know a great deal about this subject yet and this would really help.

  16. The teachers at my grade level have just taught our first Common Core unit. It was designed by our specialists. Later we will need to plan our own units. These books sound helpful! I am not comfortable but this sounds like it would help! Thank you!

  17. I am excited about Common Core, as I think it finally focuses us, as educators, on teaching children how to think. I see it as a way to break out of the old “ditto” mentality, and it is forcing us to re-think how children learn and, subsequently, how we teach. That being said, it is a daunting task to implement them, and these books are a great place to start for teachers. We would use them in our grade-level team planning processes. Hope we win!

  18. It’s great that with the Common Core standards, our students will finally all be on the same page nationally. Common Core also helps lay out how specific core content can be more efficiently integrated by looking for common threads. The books you offer will help our teachers to understand this even better as we begin our work at fully implementing the standards.

  19. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the math Common Core standards. My students need more help thinking critically! I would love to win this and I would share with my teammates!

  20. As a certified teacher currently subbing it would be great to have Common Core Resources available to read and study at home. Most Common Core training isn’t open to subs which makes it dofficult to keep up to date and prepare for a full time position.

  21. I’m graduating in May and am a little apprehensive beginning my career by transitioning into the common core standards. Though I’ve started studying the common core standards, I’m still a little confused and would love to have a resource to help me out as I start my new adventure as a teacher!

  22. There are many teachers that see the Common Core as just a new list of standards. I think it is imperative that we as educators understand the shifts that are taking place in education. I believe that having several samples of units planned for the Common Core will provide our staff with a foundation to plan future units. Our school services children in Pre K – 8th grade. These books would be a valuable resource.

  23. I’m excited about Common Core. It will be nice to have a unified set of standards for our country, and these are thoughtfully created. As a teacher librarian, I’m also glad to see that research skills are included. In these days of the internet, research skills are really life skills.

    I’d love to have the maps to assist staff in my building as we prepare myself for these new standards.

  24. This resource would be a great start for the staff at my school to help wrap our brains around sequencing the teaching and recording of the Common Core. Our district has implemented the use of a common core report card with self direction of how these skills should be assessed and when. Our teachers meet every three weeks to dive deeper into each of the standards and what they really mean for the students and their teaching in both Math and Literacy. This resource would be a godsend for this planning and would be the springboard our teachers need to catapult us in the direction we are currently stalled in.

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