Get Caught!

Blog-Get-Caught-Reading 2There are plenty of things you don’t want to get caught doing. Driving over the speed limit is certainly one of those things. Eating a candy bar for breakfast might be another. I’m just sayin’; not that I’ve ever done either of those! ;+)

Today, I’m actually challenging you and your students to get caught doing something that is fun, fun, fun. It’s not because I want y’all to get into trouble. No sirree! It’s because I’d like you to celebrate Get Caught Reading Month. To celebrate, simply set aside time this month to read for fun. Read whatever you like. After all, the purpose of Get Caught Reading Month is to remind people of all ages how much fun it is to read.

Happy reading!


Blog-Books 2PS: If you’d like to get caught reading these two books, click here. But don’t delay. The last day to enter this book giveaway is 5/24/15.


One thought on “Get Caught!

  1. We are a brand new preschool, just opened this past September, and we would love to get caught reading your books. They look great and since we love to have fun during reading time, these would be perfect for our library!

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