Germs, Germs, Germs!

It’s the season for colds and the flu, my teacher friends! I find myself giving every door knob the hairy eyeball and washing my hands whenever possible. To clarify, I’m not a germaphobe at all–but there’s some pretty icky stuff going around right now. So this is the perfect time to refresh personal hygiene skills with your students! Check out these activities to discourage the spread of germs.


This adorable song helps students remember to cough into their elbow!



Have each child cut out and decorate this germ pattern. Then use the patterns for a display that reminds students to wash their hands.




Little ones will be germ experts when they complete this printable booklet!






2 thoughts on “Germs, Germs, Germs!

  1. My favorite way to teach the children about germs is to mix petroleum jelly and glitter together and put it on my hand and as i shake each child’s hand I transfer it (the germs) to the children. Their faces and comments are amazing. I inform them to go wash their hands and make sure they use soap to wash off all that petroleum jelly and glitter mixture from their hands.

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