Genie Follow Up

Thanks to all for sharing your thoughtful wishes for The Mailbox genie! I do have some great news for those of you who are currently or will be teaching with Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Beginning with the April/May issues, the activities in The Mailbox and Teacher Helper magazines will be labeled with CCSS correlations! Our new book releases will include CCSS correlations as well. Yabba dabba do, we are here for you!

Those of you wishing for more toddler activities must check out our line of Totally for Twos books! We now offer five fabulous titles that include Art, Colors & Shapes, Stories & Songs, and Celebrations. If I do say so myself, the activities in these books are awesome!

In regards to activities for special needs children and children with autism, I would love to better understand your needs. I’m wondering if, for example, we might be able to offer online adaptations of select activities that you would find useful. Please let me know what you think. Even better, your suggestions for the types of activities you’re in search of would be especially helpful.

And Ruth, in regards to your Texas request, we may need the genie for that one! Love it!

Thanks for your kind words!


5 thoughts on “Genie Follow Up

  1. special needs, autism — I guess giving us a better understanding ideas on working with kids — any ideas — seriously I have one little boy this year I have to change things up every week because he gets “comfortable” and then does not stay on task. I am sure I am not making any sense at all, sorry have a bad head cold right now so not clear to begin with. I just have no training on working with kids with special needs and would like to learn more. thanks!

  2. Thanks for making the activities in the mailbox magazine in line with the common core standards.
    Appreciate the work that you all do at the mailbox.

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