Fun Fall Festival Photos

Yesterday’s Fall Festival extravaganza was a success. As promised, here are a few photos for you to enjoy. Costumes ranged from a nutty dentist to a zookeeper to a frustrated accountant (with a fake knife through her noggin). There were plenty of super cool pumpkin carvings, lots of treats, a few tricks, and a super scary storytelling. Rumor has it that next year we’ll have a cubical-decorating contest! How fun is that?

Happy November, y’all! Can you find me in the photo?


2 thoughts on “Fun Fall Festival Photos

  1. How about a dialogue about what teachers are planning for Thanksgiving celebrations in their programs or classrooms? I’s be interested to hear what kinds of Native American activities are being offered, if any. Are these OK with most of you or are they considered sterotypical or offensive?

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