Full Moon Mayhem?

MoonscapeYeppers. There’s a full moon tonight. I know this for two reasons. First, my teacher buddies were bemoaning the fact this past weekend. Secondly, I checked the lunar calendar just to be sure they were correct! So here’s my question for you: do you notice a difference in your kiddos’ behavior on or around full moons? My friends swear by it, saying the kiddos get restless and testy.

The moon’s gravity is a key factor in tides. I’ve also heard that more babies are born during full moons. So perhaps, just perhaps, the moon toys with our kiddos’ behavior too? Yes or no?

Curious as ever,


One thought on “Full Moon Mayhem?

  1. I believe it as I see it time and time again. Other teachers say the same thing. The kids are more antsy and more active.

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