Frosty Friday Giveaway!

pic-2-penguinsIt’s our first First-Friday Giveaway of the new year, and do I have a prize for you! Now, it’s not a snow day or an extra pair of hands. If I could figure out how to deliver either one of those, I’d definitely do it! However, this month’s prize is something that can only be delivered from The Mailbox. Take a close look at the photo. In addition to receiving 120 adorable mini erasers, which have multiple uses, the winner of this month’s giveaway wins $25 worth of free digital products from The Mailbox! How cool is that?

How can you enter for a chance to win? All you need to do is tell us the city and state where you teach. And for a bit of frosty fun, include the current outside temperature. For example: Greensboro, NC, 36 degrees. (We may get snow!)

Be sure to leave your answer before midnight January 15, 2017. We’ll announce the winner right here on the blog, and we’ll also notify the winner at the email address used to submit the comment.

Let it snow!



389 thoughts on “Frosty Friday Giveaway!

  1. Well, it was nice here in Wickenburg, Arizona. I walked to school ( and did not see the temp)and there was no frost, so I am guessing it was at least 40 degrees. My tomatoes and pepper are still very happy outside. On the other hand in Vermont there was freezing rain and slippery conditions last night.

  2. Westland Michigan. It’s 10 degrees and with the wind chill it feels lower. But no worries next week it’s suppose to hit 40. Only in Michigan

  3. Buffalo, New York cold and crisp – dusting of snow in the city but south of the city long commute home last night(Some students didn’t arrive home till 7:00pm).

  4. Here in Santa Ana, CA we are still on winter break until Jan. 17th. It is a balmy 62 degrees outside. We are unable to make snowmen so winning them is the only hope for my Kindergarten students to be able to see them.

  5. Hampton NH

    Beautiful 27 degrees with snow flurries this morning made students happy but wind and sun melted it away by recess time 🙁

  6. Buffalo, New York cold and crisp – dusting of snow in the city but south of the city long commute home last night(Some students didn’t arrive home till 7:00pm). wish it was warmer only 20 degrees outside.

  7. Warren, MI
    It is 13 degrees but it feels like -3.
    Michigan winters were named the 2nd “most miserable” !!!!

  8. Rhonda from Taylor Mill KY and it is sunny and 21 degrees outside. We brought the snow into our classroom Friday in the sensory bin. I had some mittens that I use with Jan Brett’s story of The Mitten for the children’s hands and we decided to put cars in the snow so the children could “drive” in the snow. Lots of fun!

  9. 15 degress outside which is a heat wave. Real feel 4 degrees with the wind chill. Still a HEAT wave. It has been below zero with the wind chill for almost a week now!!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow it is supposed to be 28!!!!!

    Goodrich, Michigan

  10. Mason, Michigan

    It’s a balmy 7 degrees outside… the rest of the country is covered with snow, and we barely have a trace on the ground!!

  11. Mitchell, SD The outside temp. is 0 degrees with a windchill of -20. The heaters cannot even keep up with anything. No outside recess for 4 days.

  12. Dexter, New Mexico, 56 degrees today. We have been really cold and had some snow, but by Wednesday, we will be 70 degrees. Doesn’t feel like winter here. Darn

  13. Hilo,Hawaii is 60 at night. We do have snow at the top o Mauna Kea, and people bring it down in their pick up trucks to build snowmen in front yards.

  14. Burlington, WI 14 degrees curently. This is a heat wave, last week it was 4 days of indoor recess–but we are still standing ha ha ha!

  15. It is 14 degrees outside and we have a 2 hour delay tomorrow, due to icy roads and low temperature in the morning of 2 degrees.

  16. Live in Greensboro – just out W. Market St from the offices. 🙂 10″ of snow yesterday and right now it feels like 13 degrees. That’s warm compared to the 2 degrees this morning. Brrrrr….

  17. It’s only 43 degrees here in Granbury, TX but we just had 18 degrees windchill along with snow this past week. That’s cold to me.

  18. Bealeton, VA; currently 26 degrees with a feel like temperature of 11 degrees. It was much colder this morning, Brrr!!

  19. LaSalle, Ontario
    It is -10″C outside but feels like -14
    We are expecting 5-10 cm of snowfall by tomorrow evening. Perfect snowman weather!

  20. Waterville, Ohio with a chilly 15 degrees, but its the wind that gets you! It is winter and it is Ohio, so we just roll with it! Love to see the warmer temps out west and just dream!

  21. It is definitely winter here!! Chestermere, Alberta, Canada (10 minutes east of Calgary, Alberta). It is currently -22 Celsius (- 8 F) with a wind chill of -33 Celsius (- 27 F). No outdoor recess for the kids today!

  22. Sunny Miami, Florida and the temperature outside today is 70 degrees at 3:00 pm This is a cool day for us! LOL!

  23. Sheboygan, Wisconsin and it’s a balmy 29 degrees which is a great improvement from the -13 degrees over the weekend!

  24. Colleen G. Minot, North Dakota…About 50 inches of snow on the ground. It was a balmy 1 above zero today but did not have outside recess as the wind chill was colder than -15. We go out until it gets to be -15 with windchill. The other day we had a heat wave with 5 above when I had recess duty! This week Thursday could see -29 temps…not windchill. Brr!

  25. Pembroke, Mass.
    0 degrees upon awakening
    18 inches of snow fell on Sunday
    The next three days should be near 50 degrees

  26. Colorado Springs, CO
    Our frosty fun includes a snow day on the first official day back for students, followed by a 2-hr delay, followed by a massive wind storm (101mph winds-also rated as category II hurricane winds) that caused major power outages and damages. Then, today,, I have no school again due to continuing power outage in our building. Happy winter!

  27. Kris Johnson: It has been off and on rain and wind. A couple of weeks ago there was actual snow in the air and then hail. Arroyo Grande, CA 55 degrees

  28. The temp today was at least 64 degrees after having a three hour delayed opening yesterday for the freezing rain and ice! Tired of the weather???……..wait a little while, it will change!

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