From Hippos to Rainbows, Books and an iPad to Win!

Did you know that hippos can’t swim? Or that rainbows are actually full circles, not arcs? Your students won’t even realize they’re learning with the creative text and humorous illustrations in the Did You Know? series.

Submit a comment to the blog by 11:59 pm EDT Sunday, August 24, 2014, to tell me which of the items below are your favorites. One lucky teacher will win three books from the series: Rainbows Never End and Other Fun Facts, Chickens Don’t Fly and Other Fun Facts, and Hippos Can’t Swim and Other Fun Facts. These books are perfect for kids ages 4–8 and are filled with facts that link to one another. (Update: Congratulations to Freda, who is the winner of the books!)


Speaking of winning…you need to enter the Topics Kids Love, Skills Kids Need sweepstakes. One lucky teacher will win an iPad; 25 runners-up will each win a class set of 30 Studies Weekly subscriptions! Plus get free Studies Weekly sample units that you can simply download and use! With Studies Weekly, you can combine social studies and science content with Common Core language arts. Plus you get access to extensive teacher resources, daily activities, supplementary material, and more! Enter at!


Here’s another way to help kids love to learn: for Schools has a full online curriculum for preschool through grade K that’s free for schools! You get more than 5,000 activities—including books, puzzles, games, songs, printables, and more—to teach reading, math, science, social studies, art, and music. Plus the curriculum supports Common Core standards. Click here to learn more!


I don’t need to tell you that every child is a rising reading star. Ready to Read’s free leveled book lists can help them shine. The books meet the latest beginning reader guidelines and feature characters students know and love, like Henry and Mudge, as well as characters that are rising stars themselves, like The Really Rotten Princess. Meet the whole Ready-to-Read team and get free ready-to-read resources for your classroom and book recommendations. Click here!


Looking for some reading ideas for ages 6–10? Let students’ reading get fancy…Fancy Nancy, that is! In Nancy Clancy: Secret of the Silver Key, Nancy and her friend Bree are off to solve another mystery after Nancy finds a key in an old desk. Then join the Nancy Clancy Reads, Reads, Reads!!! Book Club for free ideas and downloadable activities for your classroom. Click here!


Don’t forget, tell me which of these items are your favorites for your chance to win!


11 thoughts on “From Hippos to Rainbows, Books and an iPad to Win!

  1. Dear Karen,
    I am going to check into subscribing to the Studies Weekly. I think my pre-k students would love learning from it. I use Abc Mouse in the classroom and at home with my granddaughter. It is a very useful resource. Today was our first day of pre-k. There were a few tears but we all survived. Have a great school year.
    Mrs. Lee-Flax

  2. It is always fun to see children learn something new. Their eyes get wide and their mouths open, huh, they say, hmm it changes to.

  3. Topics Kids Love, Skills Kids Need sweepstakes sounds great to me! I would love to win an I-pad or weekly subscription for my scholars!

  4. I have never seen samples of the Studies Weekly program but will definitely check it out. Thanks for letting everyone know about these great resources.

  5. I would love to experience Hippos to Rainbows with my kindergarten children. It would be great to go with my Rainbow Hair Unit. Thanks.

  6. I love teaching fun facts to my kids! But the Ready to Read set looks mighty interesting- I will have to check that out- always looking for new resources!

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