Friday Night Showstopper

Last Friday night, a local elementary school held it’s annual spring talent show. Ordinarily, a grade school talent show wouldn’t be my choice of a Friday night gig; however, since I was meeting up with a teacher friend after the show, I decided what the heck. I’m so glad I did. The talent was enjoyable. Witnessing the self-esteem of these young children was refreshing.

My favorite act of the evening came when a young lad, who I presumed to be a kindergartner, shuffled onto the stage. A black top hat was perched atop his head. A black cape, white shirt, and black pants completed his outfit. I just knew there was a magic trick up his sleeve. The microphone was lowered to the proper height, and a loud and lengthy sigh followed. The youngster explained that the props for his magic act were missing. He was sure he had put them in the car, but somehow they had disappeared. I’m pretty sure he didn’t understand the humor in what he had just shared, because he was clearly thrilled by the audience’s laughter. And though he had begun to walk off the stage, he quickly turned back and stepped up to the microphone once again.

“Want to hear a joke?” he asked.

“Yes!” the crowd responded.

“Okay,” said the kindergartner, who at this point was wearing a huge grin. “Where do bees go to the bathroom?”

There was a brief moment of silence during which I’m sure I heard a mother gasp.

“The BP station!” he exclaimed.

And the audience roared!

 Still smiling,


PS: Does your school hold a spring talent show? Do share!

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