Freebies for Teaching Literacy—Plus a Surprise Contest!

Just about everyone likes surprises. So, besides the surprisingly fun freebies and contests on this week’s blog, we’re also doing a surprise giveaway: Submit a comment to our blog to let us know which of the items featured are your favorites. You’ll be entered to receive the next package of books that I receive. It could be an envelope with one book or a box of 20; who knows? (I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that it’s a box—a really BIG box!) Submit your comment by midnight EDT on Friday, September 30, 2011, to be included in our giveaway. Good luck! (Update: congratulations to Susan, who won our prize!)

While we’re waiting for that next envelope or box to arrive, check out this winning assortment of literacy freebies!

Find dozens of free downloads at Flash Kids. For preschool through grade 6, the website features flash cards, worksheets, workbooks, and more—all with captivating, kid-friendly art. Tell parents about this site as well! Click here to visit right now!

Kids of all ages love Amelia Bedelia! Explore Amelia’s antics, play games, print worksheets, get a free teaching guide, and more—all at the Amelia Bedelia website. The fun never ends! Click now to visit!

You’ll be amazed at the free resources at Hosted by author James Patterson, this site features great books to recommend to your students, author interviews, free activities, a free newsletter, giveaways, and more. Take a look!

This is a three-part freebie from Studentreasures. First, find out how your students can become published authors—for free! Next, order your free Classbook Manuscript Kit and get your students writing. Finally, when you publish your free books, you could win $250 in school supplies. Whew, now that’s a lot of free stuff rolled into one! Click here to check it out!

Meet beloved classic characters and find new reading friends at Visit to get free discussion guides, videos, an e-newsletter, homework helpers, family favorites, and more. Click here now!

Nominate your favorite library to win $10,000 in Random House children’s books. When you do, you’ll be entered to win a getaway, courtesy of JetBlue! Hurry, this contest ends on September 30! Click here or visit to enter.

And finally, I promised last week to let you know when the Ohaus Harvard Junior Virtual Lab software giveaway launches. It’s ready! Enter to win that product and others as well. Click here!


33 thoughts on “Freebies for Teaching Literacy—Plus a Surprise Contest!

  1. It is hard to choose, but I think my favorite would have to be the Amelia Bedelia site. She is great fun for kids to read alone or to use as a read-aloud. I love the site as a companion to the books.Thank you for your suggestions..

  2. I would love to have the Random House children’s books,plus the getaway! I was displaced due to our city’s flood this spring.Our school was also,so we are in temp.housing. Books needed!!

  3. I ve been a teacher well over 15yrs and in my country, teacher are not rewarded.teaching is not regarded as aprofessional job it is like a lay man’s work and i want to do smthing abt it. I want to start with a training school for early childhood (pre-sch) mission to turn teachers to professionals,2) start a television programme to help lots of teachers to know what to do(tr helping tr), give freezbies,let them know how teachers can turn the nation around and at large. Do you ve suggestion of where i can get help thru funding, technical know how, grants, freesbies for teacher, technical partners,help in any form and anyone willing to con to africa. We need help here. it is basically an idea but i know if you can think it you can do it. What do you think can we get help, grants for teachers, partnership to open a teacher training sch,pls reply even if u cant help. I need all the encouragement i can get right now

  4. So many wonderful featured items but the one that is probably best for my special needs classroom is Flashkids. It looks like there are many things I can use from this site. However my sons, when they were little, and I really loved the Amelia Bedelia books.
    Thanks for the information updates!

  5. I would definitely say the Flashkids looks amazing and Studentreasures. I teach in a remote area where there are very limited resources available to our students so the Flashkids looks like it will provide lots of fun activities. Plus the opportunity to have my students become published authors sounds so exciting and I think will further motivate them to write.

  6. My second grade teacher is the one who got me interested in reading Amelia Bedelia. I loved it so much that everytime there was a Book Fair at school I would beg my mom to buy me a new one. Now I do the same for my kids, and my students. I love to peek their interest in books that they can relate to. Thank-you for helping her live on.

    Veronica Dorner

  7. I love Amelia Bedelia but I find that they have to be mature 2nd graders to get the jokes. It’s no fun for me to explain the funny parts.

  8. Flash Kids is the best. I love to use this site for my special education students who are all learning at various grade levels from K-5. This site rocks!!!

  9. Flash Kids looks like a great website that I can use with my 1st grade students. It is always nice to find new websites to enhance learning in my classroom.

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