Freebies for Teachers: Math Prizes to WIN!

The math freebies are multiplying in my office! That means it must be time to do a blog post that’s all about math. Submit a comment to our blog and let us know which of these math-related freebies are a good fit for your classroom. You could WIN an assortment of new titles from Heinemann-Raintreeincluding books from the Measuring Time series, the Math Around Us series, and a few other series as well! Hurry, submit your comment by midnight EDT on Monday, April 4, 2011, to be eligible! (Update: Congratulations to Christina, who is our winner!)

While you’re waiting to find out who wins our prize, be sure try out these math-related goodies. And don’t forget to do a little multiplication of your own by sharing these freebies with your friends!


Give students a chance to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and more with free online games from Arcademic Skill Builders. Students join games in progress or play on their own. The site stresses students’ privacy and safety; there’s no direct contact between outside players and students. To get started, visit or click here now!


Teach your students in grades 3-5 about financial literacy! Kids Count: The Road to Financial Literacy provides free and low-cost lesson plans correlated to state reading, math, and economics standards. To see what’s available, visit The program was created by the Networks Financial Institute at Indiana State University.


Check out SmartMath from Britannica Digital Learning! Designed to supplement any math curriculum, this program covers number and operations, measurement, geometry, data analysis and probability, and algebra. It’s for grades 1-6 and includes 35,000 math problems. Get a FREE trial at Sign up today!


Be sure to let us know which of these freebies look like fun. We’re counting on you!


PS: Last chance to enter to WIN a $10,000 classroom makeover from Got 2B Safe! Hurry, this contest ends TODAY! Click here now to enter!

35 thoughts on “Freebies for Teachers: Math Prizes to WIN!

  1. Playing games is always a great motavation for learning and reviewing all subjects areas. Bring on the GAMES and KEEP THEM COMING!

  2. My kids love using the computers in the class. They get so much further in their studies when they get to play games of any sort. They will love the math games even more. I will have to try out the addition games because we are just starting on adding and subtracting. Thanks so much for the awesome ideas and freebies!!! The books look awesome too!!

  3. “Arcademic Skill Builders” and Smart Math are fantastic additions to any math curriculum! My students came to me 2 grade levels below where they need to be and if I had access to these types of resources, my kids would have a fun way to increase their skill and ability in math! I would love to win any resources related to math! Thank you!

  4. I love the math in the museum. It really “makes sense” for the kids when they see the real world applications of math. Love these books!

  5. I teach 4th grade and I try hard to immerse my students in technology. The games on Arcademic Skill Builders are fantastic. I even enjoyed racing using my multiplication facts! Kids will love it too. I can’t wait to show it to my students on Monday!

  6. I think they are alll good but my favorite is Arcademic Skill Builders as it has addition subtraction and more. Susan

  7. The Math Around Us series would be a perfect compliment to my Kindergarten classroom. It introduces concepts and puts it in real life settings. What a great set! I need these!!

  8. Wow! Combining literacy and math is a dream come true! I would love to offer these titles as part of our Math program!
    Thanks for all your wonderful freebie offers.

  9. The Measuring Time series would be a great addition to my math resources. Many students find “time” difficult to comprehend so an extra tool to help them would be welcomed!

  10. The Measuring Time Series would really help my students put this concept into a better prospective. It is a tough subject in First Grade, we can use all the help we can get!

  11. My first grade students would certainly benefit from the Math Around Us series. Some children are so ill prepared in knowing the basic things that exist around their environment because of lack of experiences. Computer games would also increase their knowledge of math and computer skills. What a great combination of resources this would be!

  12. I will be using the Arcademic Skills site for sure. I have several kids who are doing math problems. It will be fun but educational for them.

  13. Karen-
    You always come up with such fun websites! I will try the free trial with SmartMath tomorrow in the computer lab!! How fun!

  14. My students use Arcademic Skill Builders and just love it. The Math Around Us series would be a great addition to my classroom. I’m constantly trying to find resources to answer the question, “Who uses this?”

  15. I teach third grade math intervention. Both my students and myself would be ecstatic to win any resources for our classroom. We are a TITLE 1 school and math intervention allows me to use unique ideas and manipulatives to reach struggling math students. Our funds are so limited to buy resources, I am constantly making and scavenging for my classroom needs. I hope we can be so lucky as to win any supplies from your resources, thanks for this opportunity to enter.

  16. I would love to win the assortment of books for help with teaching math skills. My students definitely grasp new learning better when I can share a math related literature book with them……..would love to win this one!

  17. I would love to be able to win all of these wonderful math freebies!! Our school has recently adopted a new math curriculum that tends to lack student involvement. I end up spending hours and hours at school and at home trying to find some way to engage ALL of the different levels of learning, besides filling out a workbook or worksheet. I feel that these freebies would be a wonderful tool not only to use in my classroom but also to share with my colleagues!

  18. I teach in a Title 1 school so finding low price and free resources is always a plus since we are always in need of supplies!! I love to integrate literature into my math lessons (5K) and usually try to begin each unit with a story to introduce the concept and get my students thinking! The example book about patterns (Math Around Us) is a perfect example of the books that I like to use (and would love to have more of! Thank you for the opportunity!

  19. Winning any of these math freebies would be wonderful! I love to start my math lessons with a book to introduce the topic. Helping the students to make connections is vital for learning. My school is also a Title 1 school with many at-risk students.

  20. what a plethora of wonderful resources! Any teacher or school would benefit greatly from all of these materials!

  21. I am a second grade math teacher at an inner city school. I would love to win this contest because my students could really benefit from having more great books about math in the classroom. It is very difficult to find math literature on their reading level. I think having the Math around Us series would give my students to see and read in books things they my never get to see in real life. Thank you, for the opportunity to win.

  22. Would have loved to enter the contest, however, this e-mail arrived yesterday, 04/06/11, around 6 p.m.
    Love Mailbox products and e-mails.

  23. WOW!!!

    What a great opportunity. How fun! I regret that I just found out and could not enter. Next time for sure!!!

  24. I really like the idea of using math related children’s books because they provide great stories to help the students make connections! It’s something I can refer back to during our study and the kids read the books in their own time too! 🙂

  25. Karen! Thanks so much for the review of the arcademics site! I was just looking for something new & different to do with my preschooler, esp. outside language arts. And the fact that you can stream the games onto the Wii is AWESOME! I wonder how many other educational sites are optimized in that way.
    Thanks again! I”m a new follower!

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