Free for Thee: Celebrate Poetry Month, Win the Bestselling Mr. Rogers Poetry Book

Did you grow up watching Mr. Rogers? I sure did! Check out this beautiful new book of Mr. Rogers songs, presented as poetry with colorful illustrations. It’s one to treasure!

You can win the book. To enter our random drawing, let me know if you were/are a Mr. Rogers fan. (Update: Congratulations to Amy, our lucky winner!) To be included in our random drawing, submit your comment to this blog by Wednesday, May 1. Good luck!


Here are some other goodies I ran across this week. I think Mr. Rogers would approve of them!

Here’s a chance to honor the teachers around you. Now through Sunday, McAlister’s Deli is hosting the McAlister’s Loves Teachers contest. Three teachers will win a prize of $1,000 each for school supplies. To nominate a teacher, visit Plus, mark your calendar, McAlister’s will have Free Tea for TEAchers during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6–10.


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How can your students help bees, butterflies, birds, and other pollinators critical to our pollinator-plant ecosystem and our food production? Check out the free activities and video available from the American Farm Bureau Purple Plow project. Here’s the link: Activities are for grades 5 and up but have lots of elements of interest for younger grades too.

My favorite part of watching Mr. Rogers was the trolley and the puppets in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. I never did understand why Mr. Rogers changed his shoes and put on a sweater when he entered his house, though. Things didn’t work that way at my house!


PS: The new Learning magazine digital issue features all freebies. Take a look!

63 thoughts on “Free for Thee: Celebrate Poetry Month, Win the Bestselling Mr. Rogers Poetry Book

  1. Mr. Rogers is my hero. He gave love with his soul. His amazing ways of acceptance through the use of gentle talk and his puppets. I wish we had more human beings like him. To me Fred Rogers was a gift from God to all! His words will resonate for many generations.

  2. Mr. Rodgers greatest gift was 143, I LoveYou! Every child that watched believed he was talking directly to him/her. We need more teachers/preachers/entertainers like him to fight for quality children’s programming.

  3. Grew up in Pittsburgh with Mr Rogers. Loved when he’d talk with people like the various steelers and pirates we all knew and when Lou Ferrigno (the incredible hulk) was on. I also loved when they went and visited other places in the Burgh. I think he is one of the reasons I teach today, as I grew older listening to him in interviews and reading his views helped to form the teacher I wanted to be.

  4. I would occasionally watch Mr Rogers with my younger brother. At the time I thought the show was too calm and corny, especially in comparison to Sesame Street. I preferred the musicality of Sesame Street and the lively puppets. I did, however, find myself staying to watch the segments where Mr. Rogers “took” us on a “field trip. I remember learning about how crayons were made.
    As a early childhood educator I have grown to admire Mr Rogers and the impact he has had in terms of early childhood. My regard for him grew even more after watching the documentary, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” on PBS.

  5. I grew up watching Mr. Rogers and love his caring attitude and gentleness. I keep my favorite quote outside my classroom to remind every student that sees it, “I like you, just the way you are.”

  6. This was a staple of our childhood. My brother, sister, and I watched faithfully as young children. Love him still!

  7. Oh my goodness! I would love to have this book. I love Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and my girls are Daniel Tiger fans!

  8. I grew up watching Mr. Rogers . Once my daughter was born, I made sure she grew up watching him too. The world needs more Mr. Rogers

  9. I loved Mr. Roger’s growing up and even tried to climb into the television to go to the Land of Make Believe with him. I still love watching it sometimes.

  10. I would love to win this book as I love Mr. Rogers. I was 16 yrs old when when his first episode came out but my younger siblings and my children grew up watching him. I just recently watched the documentary on his life and read an article at school about NAYCE and Fred Rogers and the use of technology in the classroom. He was intelligent and brought a whole new learning experience to children of all ages. I have incorporated some of his videos into my lesson plans on community helpers, sharing, and diversity isses just to name a few. I wish he was still alive and still teaching us about his neighborhood/ community.

  11. I loved how he treated all with kindness and respect. Also how he stood up against racism and showed the public how ignorant they were being, but in a very tactful way.

  12. I grew up watching Mr. Rogers. I loved watching him change his shoes & singing. I did want to be his neighbor & I loved his calm demeanor. As a person & teacher he is an inspiration.

  13. I am such a huge fan, made me realize how much of an educator one can become with his amazing wisdom… miss him dearly …now me & my daughter watch Daniel Tiger & which she loves

  14. We need more people like Mr. Rogers, not just in this world, but on TV and in the media for the next generations.

  15. I sing and use many Mr. Rogers video clips with my students every week! No one else teaches kindness and compassion like Mr. Rogers.

  16. Love Mister Rogers and have the privilege of working with an amazing teacher who weaves his lessons into her own each day. From video clips to lessons on kindness . . . there’s no one better to help our children learn to be compassionate young humans.

  17. I appreciate Mr. Rogers much more as a grownup than I did as a kid-I think I just had too short of an attention span 🙂

  18. Mr. Rogers showcased people of color and people with disabilities and explained to children in an appropriate way that they are people to be respected and treated just like everyone else. What great lessons he taught and not just to children!

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