Free Curiosity Day Kits for 25 Lucky Teachers!

We featured Curiosity Day in our last blog post, and that caught the attention of LOTS of teachers who are planning to celebrate this fun-filled event. Held on September 16, the birthday of Curious George creator H. A. Rey, Curiosity Day is all about capturing kids’ curiosity and promoting a love of reading.


I have good news. Our friends at children’s publisher Houghton Mifflin were so thrilled by your enthusiasm for Curiosity Day that they have offered 25 deluxe Curiosity Day kits to the readers of Learning magazine and The Mailbox magazine. The kits include stickers, a Curious George big book, a Curious George activity book, temporary tattoos, and two read-along CDs. Wow!


So how can you enter? First, submit a comment to our blog letting us know why you and your students love Curious George. Then send your mailing address to me via I’ll randomly select 25 readers who have submitted a comment AND whose mailing addresses I’ve received. (If you only do one or the other, you won’t be eligible, so be sure to do both! And don’t worry, those mailing addresses are for the purposes of this giveaway only.) Be sure to submit your info by midnight EDT on Thursday, August 18, 2011. Update: congratulations to our Curious George kit winners! They are Lois, Stacey, Katie, Maureen, Sheila, Jan, Beverly, Katie, Shar, Jessica, Melanie, Kelly, Nancy, Melinda, LaShaina, Susan, Nancy, Paulette, Holly, Gina, Cameo, Darlene, Sarah, Gloria, and Erin. Thanks to all who entered our contest. Kits will be mailed ASAP. We hope you and your students enjoy them!


We’re excited to share these wonderful kits with our readers. Good luck! And remember, if you don’t win a deluxe kit, you can still download dozens of Curiosity Day activities. Click here!


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170 thoughts on “Free Curiosity Day Kits for 25 Lucky Teachers!

  1. I teach 2nd grade and my students always love Curious George! He’s a familiar character and my kids love the wide variety of stories in the series. CG books are always good for some smiles and laughs too!

  2. Curious George is a favorite of my students and I because he is always getting into trouble. They love when he does silly things and later we go over why they shouldn’t do as George does. It’s fun for them to see how George gets out of trouble. Thanks for running such a fun contest.

  3. My students love Curious George because he gets into mischief and they think it’s funny, but as an education I love Curioud George because he teaches practical little mini lessons throughout each story that that lead to great discussions with my students.

  4. I most recently taught in kindergarten, and my students loved the zany, mischievous adventures of Curious George! And as an educator, I love them because there’s always a lesson within the story that I can integrate into something else we’ve been learning.

  5. We love Curious George in first grade. My students truly understand the meaning of curious and all George’s book provide great prompts as to a time when they were curious. They love that George has so many different adventures and our personal favorite is when he makes a pizza- hilarious!

  6. From the first time we read “He was a good little monkey, but he was very curious,” the children are hooked on the tales (tails?!) of Curious George and his adventures. His innocence combined with healthy mischief and curiosity and all the unintended consequences of his choices makes the stories so memorable that many of our children have entire stories memorized!
    Thanks for making these opportunities available for teachers!

  7. I use Curious George alot in our classroom. Not only are they stories the kids love, they also have lots of wonderful vocabulary words and social learning opportunities. This would be an awesome gift for my classrooms to start the new yer with

  8. I teach Pre-k and my students love Curious George. He is such a cute little monkey and gets into many things. He shows us that it is ok to make mistakes, but that we have to fix them too. He is very curious, just like my students. We enjoy reading about him and thinking of ways that we could help others out in time of need. Many of my students have not been to some of the places that he goes to, and it it fun to learn about new places. There are many lessons to learn from this curious, cute little monkey.

  9. Curious George is the cutest little monkey. We all love him from the very first book we read. This is going to be my second year teaching and first year in 1st grade! First grade students LOVE these books! They are books that make them laugh! It would be a lot of fun to celebrate curious day this year with my 1st grader and some Curious George! 🙂

  10. The students that I have worked with love Curious George for so many reasons. They relate to his sense of adventure and love the silly situations he gets himself into. I think Curious George is a good role model for students because he teaches them to not be afraid to try something new. This mischevious monkey is adored by all students because of the shenanigans he gets himself into and how he uses his brain to solve a problem. Curiosity is what helps students become great learners and Curious George definitely teaches them that!

  11. My students always love reading about Curious George because he gets into a lot of mischief. They like to share how they have had similar situations and how they have made it better or what George should do or should not do next time. They love to watch a video of him for a treat as well. Thank you for the curiosity kit contest! My students will not start school in time for curiosity day but I am always ready to promote a love of reading! We need more read along cd’s for the listening center.

  12. I am a BRAND NEW teacher and will be teaching kindergarten this year. I remember reading Curious George when I was young and I loved it! The books are funny and exude the child-like innocence children should have. I think they would be great to start off my book collection.

  13. I am a preschool – pre-k teacher at a private catholic school. I worked as director of the children’s dept. at our public library for 9 1/2 years. We had every Curious George book published and the children loved them. We even did programs centered around Curious George. Well, when I went back to teaching preschool I brought the love of Curious George with me and several of his books followed me. I have two stuffed Curious Georges in the preschool reading area and several books. The children love to hold him and read to him. The children like Curious George because he is always in trouble. They can relate to him in many ways. I attended a PBS Television workshop that was centered around Curious George and I brought many new ideas back to the preschool. We even do a camping unit focused on Curious George’s camping book. At Christmas time we watch Curious George’s Very Merry Christmas and the children learn valuable morals from it. It is just so much fun to learn with Curious George.
    Smile and be a monkey!!!!
    Mrs. Lee-Flax
    SHCS Preschool

  14. WE LOVE CURIOUS GEORGE!! H.A. Rey is our first author study we do! The students enjoy listening to the stories, doing the activities I plan, and telling stories of the mischief they have gotten into. We then talk about what they learned from it…making mistakes is how we learn! 🙂

  15. I do family chilld care and we use Curious George in our curriculum. The children like to see what George is up to. Susan

  16. I teach Kindergarten. Curious George is perfect for the classroom because his curiousity leads to classroom discussions on what George could have done differently or what he did right. We love George!

  17. I teach Early Childhood Special Ed and the children love Curious George. They love to listen to the stories and find out what he’s going to do next.

  18. Curious George has been displayed in my room with the saying “Curious? READ!” Then I display a large selection of books.

  19. Our preschool class loves Curious George. Our favorite ones include Curious George and the Pizza and Curious George Makes Pancakes. We tie these books in with our cooking with kids activities.

  20. I personally love Curious George! I have many of the books. My children love George too, because they are all just as curious as he is!

  21. Curious George is just precious! My students have always loved listening to me read his books! I have a stuffed Curious George that I would love to use as a take home buddy/writing activity. Curious George is fun and enables kids to enjoy hearing and reading his books!

  22. Although Curious George operates with a blank slate, he serves as a role model for my students because he is never afraid to make a mistake. CG is not too cool to play the fool and take chances. I hope my students this year are also not afraid to try to learn new things.

  23. My kids love Curious George because I think they would all love to be as adventurous as he is. I love Curious George because one of my fondest memories of my brother George is reading him Curious George to him when I learned to read and afterwards playing monkey with him. I hope I win a kit what a fun way to start the school year.

  24. I loves Curious George. He has such wonderful lessons to teach children. I remember when I was younger reading about going to the hospital right before I went to the hospital, and all the fun he had while he was there. It made it easier when I was that age.

  25. We read Curious George books without sharing the ending with the purpose being to have kids discuss and act out how they would respond to the problems George experienced. The children asked to repeat this activity many times.

  26. My class and I love Curious George because he reminds us to look at the world around us and to learn from it. No matter what you do or how it turns our you can always learn something! Thank you, Curious George!

  27. What do children love to read about more than anything else? Characters they can relate to of course 🙂 Curious George is a “living” example of all the curious thoughts that occur in my students heads on a daily basis! We are super excited about Curiousity Day!

  28. After practicing our reading skills with Curious George stories, we develop our writing skills by creating our own Curious George adventures.

  29. Preschool age children are a perfect match for Curious George. Their naturally curious minds are how they learn about the world. The stories of Curious George lead to great disscussions and discoveries with young children.

  30. There is just something about Curious George that appeals to adults and students of all ages. Perhaps it is because we all have a little bit of “George” in us.

  31. I teach preschool and my kids love Curious George. They almost always pick a Curious George book for reading time. I love Diane’s idea to have kids create their own Curious George adventures. My kids would really enjoy that!

  32. Curious George has survived the test of time. My students’ parents remember him and love both the old and new Curious George. When a child approaches their parent with a Curious George Book, it’s sure to be read to him! We all love the natural curiosity that George encourages us to explore and can all laugh at the sometimes not so great outcomes!
    The lessons George learns stretch across the generations!

  33. My Kindergarteners absolutely love Curious George. I have several books for the themes that we have and they get so excited to learn things that George is learning about too! They get a better idea that learning comes from everywhere, and that we are always learning! They love it! Thank you!!

  34. My students and I love Curious George because he gets into so much trouble! Kids love when situations get tense in the books. But we always talk about how certain things (like running away!) are wrong to do because they hurt other people’s feeling and make them scared.

  35. My kiddies love Curious George bc he is funny and always getting into something. We learn valuable lessons from George. One of the kiddies reminds us of Curious George…lol.

  36. My Kindergarten students love love love Curious George!Yes, George is just like they are. But in the end, it always works out, and it shows them that just because you get into trouble, your care taker (Mom, Dad, Teacher, Grandma, etc)will always love and care for you.

  37. Curious George is the best- he is just so full of wonder, just like so many children! He can get himself into trouble, but he has such an innocent face that no one can resist him and his boo boos can be forgiven!

  38. We love to talk as a class about Curious George. We like to role play some of the stories-that makes the kids laugh!!

  39. Our class mascot is Curious George, he literally goes home with a differnt student each day! The George books are so perfect for my 5 year olds — they relate to his way of thinking and can appreciate the lessons he learns 🙂 We find a way to work his books into almost every theme we do. George is the BEST!

  40. Curious George is cute and funny and I believe kids love him because he’s so innocent and gets in trouble every second of every day just by wondering!

  41. My kids are curious, about every thing, so curious George of course is fun for them to read about. He gets into all the mischief they would like to, but know they would be in big trouble for. Fun reading!!

  42. Curious George is completely entertaining while educating children about life skills and experiences that they will encounter as they learn and grow. He is funny and charming, while providing an excellent format for talking about serious issues. George is perfect for the, “What not to do…”, discussions and, “What should you do instead…”, brainstorming sessions that help build the classroom community with a strong foundation for a successful year of learning and growing. Thanks, George, for being so curious!

  43. I love Curious George because I grew up with him and I love sharing him with children. He has storylines that lead to some meaningful conversations.

  44. My students and I love Curious George because he is curious. The students love how much they can relate to Curious George and his many adventures. We read the books and use time afterwards for discussions.

  45. Children’s curiosity levels are just like Curious George,that is why it is so funny to watch this show. After children watch a show we always talk about what we saw.

  46. What better way to keep kiddos interested and learn important social lesson then a curious little monkey who makes mistakes and then learns how to problem solve and fix it!

  47. My Kindergarten students love Curious George because he speaks the universal language of childhood curiosity. I teach many ESL students and they can understand all of George’s antics without a large English language base.

  48. We enjoy Curoius George everyday after lunch before our rest time. Then the kids love exploring what George is doing. When the kids come on and talk about the different items and what they are creating. My children really build off on those ideas. Yesterday we did rivers and dams in the sand box. All of the children were involve from the youngest to the oldest children. They have all learn that if they all work together they can do anything.

  49. We used curious george to introduce new units of study they loved having to learn along with him and to teach him new things…

  50. We all LOVE George because.. well he’s so GEORGE. He’s curious and his curiosity gets him in trouble but he always learns from his mishaps and doesn’t make the same mistake twice… and he’s kind hearted and good natured. He wants to be helpful just doesn’t always go about it in the right way.

  51. My students and I love reading Curious George books because everyone loves a monkey who gets into mischeif like they do. He’s just as innocent as they are to the ways of the world and just as eager!

  52. We love curious George because he’s just so cute! He teaches the kids great lessons and makes them laugh at the same time! It doesn’t get much better than that!

  53. My students and I love Curious George because of all the adventures he takes us on. They especially love when he goes to visit the zoo and the fire station. The children always seem to want to read these two stories over and over again. Of course we read all the adventures he takes and what we would do if we were with George.

  54. My students think Curious George Rocks!!( so do my kids in my family) They can relate to him even though he is a cartoon monkey because he tries to figure things out and eventually through trial and error and common sense or clues around him figures it out. If I point out the comparison they can see how they are all alike. THanks

  55. My own children just finished watching curious george and we were just on our way outside! We love George! He is always using play to explore and learn about his world – just like kiddos! He introduces children to so many different topics and ideas to think about!

  56. My students love Curious George. They ask me to read them the books at the beginning of the year and then some are able to read them on their own at the end of the year.

  57. Curious George is Awesome. The kids love learning from him, because some of the things that George does are things that the kids ask or do as well. They love it when we read Curious George books.


  59. Many kids feel the same way as Curious George. They want to be big helpers and sometimes get in trouble and always have the best intensions. I like that Curious George always finds the best at the end and this shows the kids to keep on trying and enjoy who they are.

  60. I use this magazine all the time in my classroom to get great ideas and for all my planning pages, and letters that I write to my parents…I’m so glad that Mailbox is on FB now so I can see anything new that’s coming up….

  61. My husband was born when Curious George books were first becoming popular. He was named George and his grandmother bought all the books and nicknamed him “Curious George”. I have all the original books – a little tattered and torn – but when I’ve invited my own personal Curious George in to read to the class, the introduction of this classic series has an extra personal meaning that leaves a lasting memory in the lives of 5 year olds.

  62. My preschoolers LOVE Curious George!!! One, because they all love monkeys and two, because he is a naughty, silly, funny monkey! Who doesn’t love Curious George???!!!

  63. I have 3 year old triplet grandsons who LOVE Curious George! I am going to be preschooling them this Fall, so the curiosity kit would be a wonderful addition to their curriculum.

  64. My students love curious George’s adventures the series allows their imagination to run wild and is a fun way for me to introduce theme to different topics.

  65. Our school has used Curious George for years to entertain and even teach a thing or two. Our children always look to see where George is each day in the classroom and what he is into now!!

  66. My son, who is now 34, loved Curious George as a little boy. When he moved away to NYC, I gave him his Curious George stuffed animal and his favorite book that I had saved. He had a big smile on his face when he opened his present. My first grade kids love Curious George, too. They can relate to all of his actions and laugh at his silliness. We work on the ch chunk when we read Curious George Goes to the Chocolate Factory. And of course we must eat some chocolate!

  67. I am currently teaching wheelchair bound, nonverbal, profoundly disabled brothers, 9 & 13 years of age. The 13 yr old adores Curious George and seems to be one of the only things that really stimulates him. I know that when I read Curious George books to him he becomes the most focused that I ever see him.

  68. My first grade class just adores Curious George! They can’t wait to hear what kinds of funny things he’s going to do. I teach in a very low socioeconomic area and many of my students have to grow up too fast. They don’t have opportunities at home to read classics or to have someone read to them. At school, I give them those opportunities to be a kid and enjoy reading with characters like Curious George! They would just die to have me bring in something like this to our classroom!

  69. Students at the elementary level can relate to Curious George in so many ways. I sometimes hear students comment on how much Curious George is just like a younger brother or sister. What a great way to start teaching students about making connections.

  70. Curious George is a staple in my classroom. Every year my class and I dress as monkeys and use paint like Curious George would. Anything goes in my classroom. The rule is: Messes are fun and cleaning up after can be even more exciting. Just like Curious George.:)

  71. We are a homeschool family and Curious George is one of our favorites! We love his innocent curiosity and spunky nature. He appeals to kids of all ages and parents are taken back to a day when things were simple and carefree.

    Phillips Family

  72. I love Curious George because he is such a fun michevious character! I love that there are Curious George books for so many subjects!! My students find his books very funny! 🙂

  73. I teach 4 year-olds and my classroom is decorated entirely with monkeys! My students and I love Curious George and read one of his books every Friday. I’d LOVE to win one of these kits!

  74. I have loved Curious George “forever”! I think my 3-year-olds love Curious George so much because he acts like them! They are curious and so is George. Plus he is SUCH an adorable monkey. We would love a kit to decorate our classroom and celebrate Curiousity Day. Will kits be available for purchase for those who don’t win?

  75. Hi

    My children and I love Curious George and the adventures he takes them on. They get so excited at
    story time! They can’t wait to see the pictures and listen to the story of Curious George’s adventures that he will take them on. This is such a great learning tool for the children. I am really looking forward to new books coming out some day. I love reading to the children and seeing their faces while I read about Curious George. My grand daughter loves books and Curious George. He is a cute little monkey full of new tricks. Thanks you for considering the teachers when coming out with this treat for us to use with our children.

  76. My kiddos always love Curious George! Last year for March is Reading Month we voted on our class favorite and Curious George won. We then centered our door around Curious George. My kindergarteners were totally into it! With this kit I would use it in my kindergarten classroom to spark the curiousity of learning to start our year off right! 🙂

  77. I loved Curious George as a child, so I read them to my class and use it as a springboard to talk about how to be helpful. I love when he goes to school – great for the first day and how to ask for help if you make a mistake so your mess doesn’t get bigger!

  78. We will definitely be celebrating Curiousity Day in our room this year. My students relate to Curious George because as preschoolers, they are very curious themselves! He is a great way to grasp background knowledge of my class and use for lessons, and a great way to keep classic characters alive! We will also be learning about the letter C that week, so it fits in great too!

  79. We love Curious George because he acts like us- he makes mistakes, he is curious and needs help sometimes too. He has a trusted person to see him through the learning process. We love George!

  80. I loved these books as a child and have continued to share them with my students in P-2. We helps teach so many valuable lessons. We went for a visit to our local hospital and he came along. We told the kids that he had swallowed a puzzle piece and needed to get an x-ray. It was so cool that the x-ray tech. put a puzzle piece underneath of him without the kids seeing so that it would show up on the x-ray. The kids were amazed and it lead into a great discussion about not putting things in our mouth and how the people in the hospital can help you. My kids would go crazy for one of these Curiousity Day kits. Thanks for this great contest!

  81. My Pre-K class loves Curious George, we are the Monkey Classroom. We love everything monkey and all the fun stuff that Curious George does.

  82. The children and I love curious george because of the way he manages to get into precarious situations just by being curious!

  83. I am just starting at a new school which is located on 125 acres. I think Curious George would be a great friend to help my class and I learn all we can about our surroundings.

  84. This will be my 20th year of teaching at our school, but only my 2nd year in kindergarten. I would love to encorporate Curious George more this year. Please help!

  85. Kids love them because he is mischievous (like a lot of kids are) but he knows he is loved and it works out in the end.

  86. We love Curious George because he learns as he lives and plays just like we do as children! They love the little monkey and learn so much while watching!

  87. I always talk about how George doesn’t mean to be naughty, he just is really curious. The Man with the Yellow Hat should really be watching him better.

  88. Curious George is a classic. I have read his stories to children since I began teaching 40 years ago. Love him.

  89. I love the Curious George books because I feel that it shows my 3 year olds that its ok to make mistakes but that we learn from those mistakes and that its ok to be curious and ask questions. Such great books!

  90. I teach Kindergarten, so my kiddos really relate to the things Curious George does in his books!! It’s like reading about the things that go on in my classroom each week! =)

  91. My students love Curious George, and all the adventures that he has! They love that he always seems to get into trouble, but it all works out in the end. George is a favorite in my classroom!

  92. Curious George gets into all sorts of trouble – just like kids do! But he is never mean or hurtful. Kids love him!

  93. My pre-k ESE students love Curious George because he is always trying hard to communicate and has difficulties and struggles like they do, plus he is always making fun messes!

  94. oooo.. we love Curious George! always have used him in my classroom for learning activities. Curiousity is how we learn. thanks.

  95. My students (second grade) and I love the adventures and mishaps little George finds himself in! The first grade teacher and I plan to do a Curiosity Day and would love a free kit. Our school is a non-profit and what you might call “poor” financially but not in enthusiasm or family-feel!

  96. My kids love Curious George because he teaches us it is okay to be curious about things we don’t know about. All the adventures are fun and include a lot of lessons that our kids today need!

  97. My first graders and I love Curious George because they can relate to the little monkey! They are also curious about the world around them and enjoy learning about everything. More times than not, they are just as mischievous!

  98. My students love to read about Curious George because he reminds them of themselves. He gets into mischief and has lots of fun!

  99. Who doesn’t love Curious George. Children can relate with the mischievous problems that George can get himself into and they can learn from that. It”s a great way to start conversations with children.

  100. I have decorated my classroom with Curious George for years because Curious George was my first favorite book. I love sharing him with the children and still have my previous students share George items with me.

  101. I LOVE using Curious George as a mascot for being an Inquirer with my 3rd graders. While we travel through our units of study we use George and his adventures to aid us in our own asking of questions and development of solutions- although they are never as mischievous. 😉

  102. My first graders love curious george for the very simple reason that they relate to him so well! When we read his stories, we make text to self connections that serve as writing prompts. He helps make reading AND writing fun in our class!

  103. My toddler class loves Curious George, because he is always being adventurous and curious. Just like my class curious and always adventurous.

  104. The Curious George books in my library are always going out because the kids love to read about the trouble he gets into and always seems to get out of!

  105. My class loves Curious George. We share is adventures all the time. Before reading the book, we try to figure out what kind of trouble he will get into and then read the book to find out if we are right.

  106. We love Curious George in my preschool classroom because he inspires us to be curious, ask questions,and not be afraid to explore.

  107. My students love Curious George because of all the mischief he gets into and how he always seems to get out of it being the hero.

  108. George is always a favorite. So many of our four year olds think like George. We love him so that we can see better ways to handle situations.

  109. I teach Kindergarten and my students love hearing about Curious George and all of his adventures and trouble. We like seeing how much alike he is to many in the room’

  110. I love the Curious George books because George is always learning about real life things that many of today’s kiddo’s are curious about but can’t research on their own. This is especially true for my kiddo’s as we live in a rural low income area.

  111. What is there not to love about an adorable little monkey who gets into mischief because of his curiosity? I have quite a few kids in my class who can relate to George! He was a part of my childhood and I am so happy to be able to share him with my classes many years later!

  112. I teach kindergarten and my kiddos love Curious George. The books get us talking about all kinds of things and really opens up my shy kids.
    Who doesn’t just love that little guy?

  113. George is kind, honest and inquisitive … all traits we like to encourage in our 1st and 2nd graders! We will read the book about his first day of school next Monday – on OUR first day of school.

  114. My preschoolers love all the mischief George gets into. Our local pizza ranch even reads Curious George and the Pizza when our preschoolers take tours! My second graders love that they can read his books all by themselves and giggle any time they want to.

  115. My students love listening to the antics of Curious George and the Man in the Big Yellow Hat. I have been reading these books since I was a child.

  116. We love Curious George because he is an adorable little monkey who gets into all sorts of predicaments and always puts a smile on our faces.

  117. My students always find it amusing that George acts in a way that seems innocent enough but then he creates a problem and tries to minimize it- which always leads to a bigger mess! George earns an a+ for creativity!

  118. Curious George was one of my favorite books when I was a child and my students love hearing about his adventures. He does the things they want to do!

  119. We love Curious George because I teach two’s and they are as curious as he is. Everyone gets excited when I ask if they want to hear a story about George. I like that he always learns something, and the lesson sinks in with my little monkey’s too.

  120. My classroom of kindergartners enjoy reading about Curious George’s adventures. We callthem a mystery and try to guess what will happen next as the story unfolds, and finally how will George get out of trouble!

  121. Curious George is a favorite in our Clasroom. The students often learn from Georges mishaps. The class discusses how it is good to be curious but important to learn from the errors you make.

  122. Goodness, the young ones we see each day are forever as curious as Curious George. The other teachers and I would be so excited to have a deluxe Curiosity Day kit. Our Center greets children daily from the ages of 3 to 7 years old, what a delightful gift we could share with these young children. Ms. Becky

  123. My preschoolers love Curious George. He’s always having fun and getting into trouble. But, the man in the yellow hat always forgives him.

  124. My kids and I love to see all the adventures and misadventures that George gets into. Also we like to learn that you can hep others and that you have to use tour listening ears sometimes just like George does with the man in the yellow hat

  125. My daycare children love Curious George. I sometime use him to help children make friends, Curious George sometime do thing that he do not suppose to just like the daycare children.

  126. We love Curious George for his sweet adventures. The books often have ideas at the end to continue the adventure. They make an excellent intro to a new unit to study. He is also just plain adorable and huggable!

  127. I love Curious George and so do the children. The laughing and learning is a winning combination-children learn about problem solving, literacy, and a host of more things all while enjoying the process.

  128. I love Curious George, my students are 4th graders but we still love Curious George too. I use it for a lesson opener or just to have laugh. Timeless stories….

  129. I am a Preschool Teacher. My class theme is the Monkeys. The children love being a class of ‘Monkeys’. I often read Curious George books and use a lot of material with Curious George.

  130. Curious George has delightful adventures, just like I hope to provide for my students this year! Working at an elementary school has many challenges and sparking interest in timeless literary characters is the part of my job I love the most.

  131. We all love Curious George for so many reasons, he’s so curious just like the students but he’s allowed to go on the adventures that they usually are not. It’s fun to follow him and learn so many things.

  132. My 4th grade students and I love to read about Curious George to analyze his decision making choices. The students love to explain the consequences of his choices and what the other consequences may have been with other choices.

  133. We have two large Curious George’s that in our classroom for all to hold and talk to. Aren’t all kids curious about all the adventures that life has to offer like the man in the yellow hat? In the past we have written our own adventure story modeling Curious George and they turned out pretty cute.

  134. My students in Puerto Rico enjoy reading stories that are fun and easy to understand by ESL students! They like to dramatize and watch me use my Curious George puppet! They’ll surely love adding some more fun to our class!

  135. In kindergarten, the students love the trouble George gets into. The man in the yellow hat always stays his friend and cares for him no matter what-a good lesson for little ones.

  136. Dear Karen,
    Thank you for chosing me as a winner! I recieved the Curious George Kit in the mail and I love it. The children will enjoy celebrating with the kit. I know the big book will be read over and over many times in our classroom.
    Thanks again,
    SHCS Preschool

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