Free Books for Springtime Reading—Plus Other Timely Treats for Your Classroom!

One of the best parts about my job is that I get to give away free stuff—lots of free stuff—to teachers. It’s like being Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny wrapped into one!

Hippity, hoppity and ho, ho, ho—scroll down to find an assortment of fun freebies and new resources. Submit a comment to our blog to let us know which is your favorite. One lucky reader will win an assortment of brand-new children’s books that are perfect for springtime reading! Hurry, submit your comment by midnight EDT on Monday, March 26, 2012, to be entered into our drawing! (Update: congratulations to Rita, who is this week’s winner!)

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Sign up to receive free posters and other safety-related information by joining the the Neighborhood Safety Network. Part of the Consumer Product Safety Council, the NSN provides information on everything from back-to-school safety to bike helmets to playground safety. Most resources are provided in English and Spanish. Click here now to sign up!

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Are you creating a classroom of thinkers? Get a helping hand with critical thinking resources from Mentoring Minds. You’ll find assessments, card sets, questioning stems, critical thinking wheels, and much more. Click here now!

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Introducing the pencil sharpener with a ten-year warranty! X-ACTO School Pro, Teacher Pro, ProX, and KS Manual feature genuine X-ACTO hardened steel blades and are designed to stand up to ten years’ worth of broken pencil points. Learn more!

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With the We Both Read series from Treasure Bay, parents and their children read together. The shared-reading format increases parent involvement and is shown to improve student test scores. Right now, you can get free shipping on any order over $150 and a 25% discount on any order over $500. Hurry, this offer expires March 31, 2012! For more information on We Both Read, visit To take advantage of the special discount, contact Treasure Bay at (800) 476-6416 or Check it out!

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DK is giving away free bookslots of free books! Visit and register to win a copy of Doodlepedia, an interactive coloring doodle book that gets kids thinking and learning by placing them in the action. One hundred teachers will win! Click here now to enter!

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Need to stock up on teacher stuff? offers unique products and 100% satisfaction. A few recent products featured on the site include the Sloppy Stopper activity mat, StikkiWax reusable adhesive, and Magnetic Marker Rings. Sound like stuff you need? There’s a free thank-you gift with every order! Visit!

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Teachers nationwide are taking the Prang Challenge. You could be next! Sign up at for your chance to win $400 in art supplies plus a digital camera. One lucky teacher wins every week through April 26, 2012. Enter now!

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Thinking about earning a master’s degree? Considering a move to educational administration? Indiana Wesleyan University offers a wide variety of online and classroom options. Programs can be completed in 12-23 months, and books and materials are delivered to your door. Register once with no waiting in line! Click here to learn more!

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Don’t miss your chance; submit a comment to our blog. Those springtime books could be yours!


15 thoughts on “Free Books for Springtime Reading—Plus Other Timely Treats for Your Classroom!

  1. I too have submitted my name for the prang and DK. I am interested in looking at the Neighborhood Safety Network. What a timely resource with the warmer weather coming.

  2. I have signed up for the Neidhborhood Safety Network, Prang and Dk. The pencil sharpener is something to put on my wish list. Susan

  3. I love spring and I love books………..crossing my fingers! I think the Xacto pencil sharpener with the 10 year warranty sounds fabulous. However, and I am not here to bash them, but the last time I bought an electric pencil sharpener from them, it didn’t last like it was to last. When I contacted them, it was like I had done something wrong, but I didn’t and eventually they sent me a replacement. Now if they have this 10 year warranty, I will be buying another sharpener from them for sure!

  4. As a beginning Kindergarten teacher and a mother of 3 boys (all under the age of 6), I honestly don’t have the monetary resources to go out and buy everything that I know my students and children deserve. That is why I love to receive the Mailbox e-mails that I have signed up for. I know on every one of them I will find useful tips, strategies, and resources that I can utilize not only in the classroom, but in my own home as well. I’m excited to learn more The Neighborhood Safety Network, you can never run out of ideas and suggestions when it comes to the safety of our children. Critical Thinking for Life is important as well. Even though I only teach kindergarten, their minds are like sponges! There is no better time than now to get them asking questions and thinking outside the box. Of course the “We Both Read Series” is very near and dear to my heart. Because I am just starting out as a Kindergarten teacher at a Charter School (non-profit), I’m having to use my own children’s books in my classroom. They don’t mind to share, but I do feel guilty that I have to do that. I would love more information from the “We Both Read Series” to help me as a parent, as well as an educator. DK’s free books would be amazing and would help me build my classroom library, so that my boys at home could have some of their’s back. A classroom can NEVER have too many books! Finally “Stuff for Teachers”…. Honestly just those 3 words are exciting to me!!! I love my job so much and feel so lucky to be able to work with children everyday. I appreciate every mailbox magazine that I subscribe to, and every e-mail I receive. The ideas that I gain from them can be used for years. In fact, many of my favorite lessons and activities I’ve taught this year have been found in Mailbox magazines from 2007, 2008, and more! They can be re-used every year! That’s just one thing that I love and appreciate about The Mailbox. Thank you for everything!

    Jaime Handley
    Kindergarten Teacher
    New Dimensions Charter School
    Morganton, NC

  5. I am the Education Coordinator for 14 classrooms in our Child Development Center. I visit each classroom at least twice a week. I like to take new ideas, activities, books, ideas to the classrooms

  6. I use mailbox for songs and activities in myclassroom I got some of my best activities from mailbox. I love to look at new magazines each month.

  7. I just love finding great resources and free stuff to use in my classroom! It allows me to focus on teaching instead of scrounging for the basics!

  8. i love mailbox, i purchase the yearbook and have now for the past 4 years, plan to keep on, love all the ideas.

  9. Always love to add new books and supplies to my K/1 classroom. We are studying plants and insects right now and this book would be a wonderful addition!

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