Frankenstein Friday!

It’s Frankenstein Friday–a rather obscure holiday created to celebrate the accomplishments of Mary Shelley and her literary creation, Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus. Mary Shelley led an interesting–sometimes tragic–life. Here are some Mary Shelley stats:

  • Mary became involved with the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley when she was 16. Unfortunately, he was already married. When his wife, Harriet, committed suicide, Mary and Percy were able to marry.
  • Mary and Percy had several children, only one of whom survived.
  • Frankenstein was originally published anonymously.
  • When Mary was 24, Percy drowned in a boating accident, leaving her to take care of their son on her own.
  • Mary died at the age of 53 of brain cancer.
  • Frankenstein is often called the first real work of science fiction.

So how should you celebrate Frankenstein Friday? Try watching the classic movie, or watch Young Frankenstein if you’re in a more lighthearted mood. Perhaps accompany the viewing with a green-tinted beverage!

Here are some fabulous Frankenstein activities that are perfect for the week of Halloween!


Give each child a copy of this head pattern and have them design their own Frankenstein.




Does Frankie enjoy balloons? Sure he does! Have students recognize shapes and colors with this activity sheet.

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