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map-846083_960_720I have a friend who encouraged her children’s map-reading skills in an interesting way: If they could direct the parents to a desirable location, they would get to go. It makes sense really. Do you want to go to the movies, the toy store, or the museum? Well, then tell me how to get there. It certainly provides motivation for learning how to read a map!

Despite our reliance on global positioning systems, we still need map skills. Your phone isn’t always going to be charged up or on your person. And let’s be honest; sometimes the GPS isn’t reliable. I once used mine to navigate to a restaurant, and even though I was finally sitting in front of my destination, the voice from my phone kept telling me to take a left! (“No, I’m HERE you crazy phone. HERE!”)

Maps help students make sense of their world. They also develop important spatial skills that contribute to other areas of learning. The Mailbox has map skills to go with every season! Take a look here at our 257 options!

Get your students excited about map learning with this fun song. You can print song cards here!

(sung to the tune of “The Ants Go Marching”)music-159868_960_720

We’re learning about maps today—hurrah, hurrah!
We’re learning about maps today—hurrah, hurrah!
A compass rose and symbols too,
There is a legend to help you.
They are all important parts of a map, of a map
Map, map, map, map, map, map, map, map.

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