Five Fantastic Feedback Tips

feedbackAs teachers, we know that a growth mindset is the key to learning. When children believe they can learn, they will. When children believe they can’t learn, their success is limited. So how does a teacher encourage a growth mindset in all students? Give plenty of feedback using these five fantastic tips!

  1. Always be specific.
  2. Focus on what a learner is doing, not on what is missing.
  3. Acknowledge the steps the learner is taking. Validate his or her efforts.  
  4. Give your feedback in a way that a learner can transfer it to different contexts.
  5. Remove yourself from the feedback. Rather than saying “I like how you…” or “I think…,”  say “When you…” and “You are…”

Thoughts? I’d love to hear your feedback!


2 thoughts on “Five Fantastic Feedback Tips

  1. When one of my kiddos get discouraged I pull out their workfolder and show them how far they have come. Sometimes a child thinks they can’t get this so I show them things they have struggled with and learned.

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