Five Facts That Seem Fake but Aren’t

Blog-little-girlTrivia has a way of calling my name. So when I read a headline suggesting an unveiling of crazy-yet-true facts, I couldn’t resist. Here are five facts I learned.

 In the mid 1800s, the city of Chicago literally pulled itself out of the mud by raising its elevation. Yes sirree, buildings, streets, and residences were jacked up anywhere from four to 14 feet. Who knew?

 I learned there are more nerve connections in the human brain than there are stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. I feel smarter just thinking about this one!

 Speaking of brain cells, Harvard University, the oldest institution of higher education in the US, was established before calculus was discovered. Those early Harvard grads were clearly slackers! 🙂

 There is a 250-year-old tree in India with a root system that outreaches the square-footage of an average-size Walmart store.

• And the country of Russia has a greater surface area than Pluto. Okay, Pluto isn’t that big, but still!

The entire article is definitely worth a look. It includes 17 crazy facts.

Just think—when it’s time to reconvene with your colleagues, you’ll have a stash of trivia for sharing! So, is anyone counting down the days to the upcoming school year? Or are you simply ignoring the calendar for a few more weeks? Do share!

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  1. This is my first week off and away from school this summer. Not looking for anything school and therefore will do no shopping since all the windows contain Back to School announcements

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