First Friday Giveaway!

Every teacher wants her students to read more, right? This adorable pooch, named Noble, is just waiting to become a book buddy in your classroom! He’s an excellent listener, he loves books, and he loves being read to. Nobel even has a few books he’d like to share with you and your students! To be entered for a chance to win Noble and his collection of books, simply leave your answer to the question below in the comment section before midnight on January 16, 2018.  Woof, woof!

What’s the title of a favorite book from your childhood?

Charlotte’s Web for me!


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Congrats to Cindy B. from Missouri—the winner of January’s

First Friday Giveaway!

310 thoughts on “First Friday Giveaway!

  1. I didn’t find it until I became an adult, but “Chicka-chicka-boom-boom” is my favorite of all time. My grandchildren laugh because I can read it without looking at the words.

  2. Where the Sidewalk Ends!
    My daughter fell in love with this book too! Best Mommy moment is sharing your book with your kids!

  3. As a little girl I loved to read Heidi and The Happy Hollisters series, but as a very yound child I loved when my mother read The Three Billy Goats Gruff to my brothers and me. It is a very special memory.

  4. Richard Scarry books lined my shelves as a child. I saved most of them and have enjoyed reading them to my children. There are so many favorities!

  5. I loved the Trixie Belden mystery series! My favorite title of all was THE GATEHOUSE MYSTERY. I loved that the first few books I had were illustrated in color; colors that are vibrant and so different from today, it seems.
    The Trolley Car Family, Nancy Drew, The Boxcar Children….

  6. There Was An Old Lady, the original book with the animals in her belly. I remember my kindergarten teacher reading it to us and can recite the book! ♥️????

  7. I am a teachers aid at a privet Christian School . I work with kindergartners and they would love to win these books . We have a reading area that they love to sit and read books .

  8. Because of my dyslexia I didn’t learn how to read until I was 8. So my favorite book was the first one I learned how to read. ‘ It Didn’t Frighten Me! ‘ by Janet L. Goss and Jerome C. Harste

  9. My favorite book as a child was Harold and the Purple Crayon. I always imagined that I could draw things like he did and have them be real as well!!.

  10. I love the book”Jesus’ Christmas Party” by Allan. It is a humorous retelling of the birth of Jesus from the perspective of the innkeeper.

  11. I taught myself to read with Old Hat New Hat then I couldn’t stop reading Nancy Drew and the Babysitter’s Club series when I was older!

  12. Loved the Sesame Street book, There is a Monster at the End of This Book. Very excited to find a copy for my own kids!

  13. The Berenstain Bears series. I always loved their tree house!! As my reading developed, Charlottes Web also became a favorite and was for my little girl too!

  14. The Secret Garden ❤
    Love this giveaway, my 4 year old granddaughter loves puppies. However, due to allergies it is not a possibility. This would be a wonderful surprise for her.

  15. I loved the Franklin books, Franklin was a turtle and had woodland creatures as his friend and each story had a different lesson. I still have them and plan on reading them to my soon to be born son.

  16. SuZu and the Bride Doll. My school librarian read it to us when I was in kindergarten and I could not wait to check it out. Sadly, it was deemed “not my level,” so I couldn’t have it until 2nd or 3rd grade.

  17. My favorite childhood book was The Little Engine That Could because my dad would tuck me in and read it to me before I went to sleep. I loved this special time with him.

  18. The classics: Heidi, Black Beauty and Laura Ingalls Wilders books. My mother invested in Reader’s Digest condenced books and my favs there are Miss Pickerell and the mystery series with an older lady with her husband (can”t remember her name) and their adventures, no matter where they traveled they found trouble.

  19. I remember one of my teachers reading Island of the Blue Dolphin. Great book! Also, I would have to say all of the Little House Books, and the Nancy Drew Series. I was a reader and still am. I love reading Junie B. Jones to my first graders.

  20. How can I ever pick just one? Charlotte’Web, all of the Henry and Ribsey books, all of the Romona books, all of the Mouse and the Motorcycle books, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and tons of others. ????

  21. I remember my 1st Scholasticbook order in 1st grade. I got Harold’s Purple Crayon. But my little sister’s favorite book was the Golden Book: The Monster at the End of the Book. She loved how I read it with Grover’s voice. I read it so many times that I have it memorized. Since I started teaching elementary students, 31 years ago, I read it to them just like I read it to my little sister! That’s how I teach them to use voice and expression when they read! It’s always a class favorite!

  22. I had a monthly subscription to Dr. Seuss books when I was in the second grade. I looked forward to getting a new book each month. I would read each book many times. I loved them all! I still have each book and I love sharing the Seuss classics with my students.

  23. I loved the Trixie Belden books. I had nearly every book and loaned them to my boyfriend’s niece–and never saw them again. 🙁
    I still feel the sting of that.

  24. I grew up on Little Golden books. When my first daughter was about a year old, we had to make a trip to Canada to see family. It was a long, hard ride for a little one and without realizing it, her father and I had memorized the Little Golden book version of “A Child’s Garden of Verses.” We recited it to her and instantly calmed down the toddler storm. That fact alone makes it one of my favorites!

  25. Three Dumb Bunnies.
    My first grade teacher gave us all a copy.
    She was so inspirational. She is why I am a teacher.
    My book is worn and delicate and sits on a bookshelf in my dining room 🙂

  26. As a first grader, my favorite book was Babar the Elephant. I thought that I was “the coolest kid on the planet” because I could read a book that was written in Cursive Writing! As an older child, it was The Nancy Drew Mysteries. I devoured those books!

  27. My favorite childhood book was Chicken Soup with Rice. I learned my months of the year as well as deepening my love for my mom’s cicken soup with rice.

  28. My grandmother read this book to me over and over as we wore the pages thin. My favorite book was Miss Twiggley’s Tree by Dorothea Warren Fox. This book is like a great old friend with so many memories.

  29. “Where the Wild Things Are”……because it was the first book I bought myself when I was in first grade…..from the scholastic flyer….;0) Seriously!

  30. I love “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything” As a child I feared many things, this book allowed me to face my fears. I enjoy reading it my class. We talk about our fears and how we can overcome them.

  31. So many! I loved The Pokey Little Puppy, Jungle Book, and 101 Dalmatians. Also, Island of the Blue Dolphins.
    Guess I couldn’t pick just one!
    Thanks for the chance.

  32. The Bernstein Bears. I had a scratch and sniff one for making pizza. It was my favorite read to me by my Granmom.

  33. I read too many book as a kid to choose one. We moved often as dad was in the Marines. I remember enjoying the Nancy Drew series. But if I had to choose one book, it would be Piggie Pie, by Margie Palatini. Her references to other books and shows is wonderful.

  34. Sadly, I don’t recall any children books from my childhood, but I love them all now! Pete The Cat is my favorite today!!

  35. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimb.
    Green Eggs and Ham
    These two books have stuck with me into my 50’s – shh don’t share this last part. LOL
    I know one is for the rhyming and the other I thought was just the most interesting story ever it had it all packed into the best story ever.

  36. It was any Nancy Drew that I could get my hands on. My friends and I swapped them back and forth to read the latest mystery!

  37. Robert the Rose Horse. I loved that book. I remember feeling so happy when Robert found a job and every time I read it or when I listened to the story I still felt happy when Robert became a police officer. That feeling never went away no matter how many times I listened to the story. ???????????? It’s the reason I read a story over and over again for any child who asks.

  38. The Secret Garden I think I borrowed it from the public library every week for an entire year when I was 10!!

  39. I have always loved anything Dr. Seuss, however when it came to reading chapter books in grade school the Ramona books were my favorite along with Super Fudge!!

  40. Brown Bear, Brown Bear… I loved it! My children loved it! My grandchildren loved it! My Kindergarteners love it, too! ????

  41. My first chapter book that I remember reading in one night is Freedom Train. It made me aware of what slavery was like.

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