Feeling Crabby?

Yes, indeed I am! But not the way you’re thinking. I just found this adorable crab pattern on our site and decided he needed to be used in a bulletin board. I mean, look at how happy the little fella is? He’s adorable! You can also print a sand bucket and shovel pattern along with the cute little crab.*

So here’s what I’m thinking for a bulletin board. Have each child draw a picture on the bucket showing something she wants to do during the summer. Have her write on the bucket to describe her picture. Next, encourage her to color the shovel and crab. Help her cut out all the patterns. Have her glue the shovel to the bucket. Then have her tape the bucket above the crab. Display the projects with the title, “Crabby About Summertime? Not Us!”


* You get three free prints a month from our website if you aren’t a Gold member. Gold members get unlimited prints and downloads plus the The Mailbox® magazine online every month and bonus features like a flashcard maker and a bingo game maker. Click here for a free trail of Gold.


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