February’s First Friday Giveaway!

I learned something new about February this morning! We all know that the month is packed with celebrations and special events. And this February there’s even an extra day to celebrate—Leap Day on February 29th! What was news to me is that February is the only month of the year that a full moon may not appear. That thought just never crossed my mind. I’m guessing this is due to fewer days in the month. Unfortunately February 2020 is not one of those Februarys. There is good news, however, for anyone who notices behavior changes when the moon is full. This month’s full moon occurs on a Sunday. Whew!

Speaking of good news, you could possibly win 20 brand new gel-roller pins (in 20 different colors!!) along with a bonus erasable pen and five really cool books just by leaving your answer to the following question right here on the blog. Just be sure to do this before February 18, 2020.

If you could choose another month to have only 28 days,
which month would you choose and why?

I’m going with January. It’s kind of a long month in my book.

Congrats to Amy K., the winner of this month’s giveaway!

128 thoughts on “February’s First Friday Giveaway!

  1. I would choose March to have only 28 days. It is such a long month as we do not have any extra days off before Spring Break begins on the 30th.

  2. Wow, I was thinking the other way: months that need more than the days they already have been assigned. But I guess I may say January; it seems so long, so cold, so dark. I’d be happy if it were 28 days!

  3. I would choose May to only have 28 days. This is our last month of the school year and I would be willing to end the month with the school year.

  4. If I could pick another month to have 28 days it would be January. The winter months are so long it would be nice to have a few less days to get through.

  5. January would be the perfect month. It is cold and dark. If January only had 28 days we could get to Fr=ebruary quicker. I love February because of Valentines Day and my birthday!

  6. April it seems to be the month that drags on for me. Every other month we have days off here and there but April is a full teaching month for me.

  7. Was just thinking January but everyone beat me to it…. so then I’d say September because the beginning of every school year is so stressful (even though it’s my favorite part of the school year cause setting everything up, starting fresh and new and just seeing all the students is fun!) but having it be a shorter month might make everyone less crabby and stressed.

  8. Definitely January! As a teacher It can be challenging to budget while only getting paid once a month. However, in my district we get paid December 15 and don’t get paid again until January 31st. It seems like January goes on forevvvver! I would love a short January!

  9. I would have to say September. Getting the students into the grove of a new school year is often tough. Seeing a new month earlier might help easy this transition better.

  10. I would like to see that April have only 28 days. I work in Arizona and April is the longest month because we have school every day. Now to be honest, as of this school year we are only going to school for four days- Monday to Thursday. April is still going to be a long month.

  11. September it’s such a long month starting the year out and only 1 day off usually for us haha! :). Would love to have those amazing resources!

  12. I would’ve said January because it seems to be 975 days long…but I think it would feel that way even if there were only 10. March could be a smidge shorter.

  13. Definitely April! Students and teachers have worked hard preparing for the high stakes tests and once testing is completed, everyone is done.

  14. I am going with April because it is the month before school gets out and students are starting to get antsy with spring fever.

  15. Even though it’s my birthday month I would say July. It’s so dang hot here in the south during July! And I really do not like hot.

  16. I would chose January because it the weather is always so topsy-tervy which makes it hard on the kiddos and on the staff. Also, it’s usually the start of flu season (especially this year) which means lots of make-up work.

  17. I would chose January because it the weather is always so topsy-tervy which makes it hard on the kiddos and on the staff. Also, it’s usually the start of flu season (especially this year) which means lots of make-up work.

  18. January!!! A few days…really makes the difference! One more day of indoor recess, one more day of being cold at car rider duty, and just a few less days to get closer to spring weather!!! Thanks for the chance! I can see my firsties loving these books & gel pens!

  19. I think I have seen a lot of good answers bot the month they would pick… and I agree that Jan. is a dark and cold month most years. But rainy April is not fun either so I think I would pick April. That makes summer feel so much closer.

  20. I would choose October!
    I’m not a fan of Halloween, but I’m sure my families could find a way to have fun outside of school hours????

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