February Surprise

February 29 is Leap Day!

February 29 is Leap Day!

Stars and stripes, Xs and Os, groundhogs, frogs, masks, broncos, panthers, and fire monkeys? That’s right; February 2016 is filled with special days, events, and monthlong celebrations that include American Heart Month, Black History Month, and National Children’s Dental Health Month.

So what’s the surprise? Well, as you know, we have a giveaway right here at the blog on the first Friday of every month. And we’ll do that again this month. But we are also sneaking in a First Day of February Giveaway! So if you’re interested in entering for a chance to win 300 stickers and a pack of colorful markers to help you and your students celebrate Fun February, simply leave a comment right here on the blog that tells us something you’re looking forward to this February. That’s it! Just do this before midnight on Sunday, February 7.

Here’s to February!


PS: What’s up with the fire monkeys? The year of the Red Fire Monkey begins on February 8, 2016— Chinese New Year!

Congratulations to Shelley, the winner of our surprise First Day of February Giveaway!

33 thoughts on “February Surprise

  1. Looking forward to February 14 ~ Valentine’s Day! Love the school activities and then the fun activities with hubby and girls.

  2. I’m really excited for All of February’s activity, but I think my students will be excited for the Valentine’s crafts!

  3. I am looking forward to some fun fundraising for our community this month. My hot cocoa is a hot seller and love to see our kids’ generosity!

  4. I’m looking forward to celebrating Chinese New Years, we will be cooking chinese noodles, eating fortune cookies, writing numbers 1-10 in chinese, learning about the red monkey and learning about the Chinese culture.

  5. I am looking forward to Chinese New Year. I love to share my trip to China with my students and do a little cooking in the library.

  6. In February I’m looking forward to do fun crafts for Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and we just did one for Groundhog’s Day,

  7. I am looking forward to this year’s love project. My class picks someone to “love” on each February. This year we chose Water is Life. They provide water purifying straws to kids in 3rd world countries. My kids make posters, raise funds, and get to help someone less fortunate. It makes a huge difference in their world view and mine. Love it!

  8. I am looking forward to doing all the arts and crafts with the students and learning about black history I love talking about history

  9. February is great for Valentines Day. I love doing the fun LOVE BUG crafts and the Valentine bags. But I have to say I love sharing “healthy teeth” with my students. February is healthy Dental Month. We learn about brushing right, good/bad foods, and our craft is amazing. Fun month for sure!

  10. We have been doing a lot already this month with valentines, chinese new year and mardi gras. At the end of the month we are doing an amazing kids week celebrating our studentsI am looking forward to it. Monday is “Masterpiece Monday” each student will be given a canvas and paints to create what ever they choose. Can not wait to see how they turn out, then our hallway will be an art museum to show them all off.

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