FBI in Local Schools

“What? Oh my gosh!” This is how I recall responding last fall to a local headline similar to the title of this blog. What I learned from reading the accompanying article put me at ease and made me smile. The article wasn’t about the Federal Bureau of Investigation; iDetective Foxt was about Fathers Being Involved! This local FBI group was, and continues to be, spearheaded by a father who counted at his first PTA meeting only six guys in crowd of nearly 150 participants. He set out to change that dynamic, creating the Fathers Being Involved group at his children’s school. Currently, more than 40 men are involved, tutoring and helping at the school. Great stuff! Do you have fathers, stepdads, grandfathers, uncles, or other role models who spend time in your classroom each week or month? If not, perhaps an FBI meeting is in your future! Whatcha think?

Thanks for all you do!


One thought on “FBI in Local Schools

  1. Working for a coop we have lots of male involvement. I love it when a man comes to school they play differently and work differently with the kiddos. I love my Dads and Grandpas they are great.

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