Favorite Classroom Themes

Favorite Classroom Themes

chocolatephoto This morning, I had my first cup of hot chocolate of the season. It’s finally gotten chilly enough here in North Carolina for a hot beverage in the morning to taste pretty soothing. (Being a Michigan native, I’m all about cold weather—bring on the sweaters and scarves!)

“Hot Chocolate” is actually one of my favorite early childhood themes (along with “Pond,” “Dinosaurs,” and “Nursery Rhymes”). In celebration of my beverage and this theme, here is a fun literacy center idea for you!chocolate

Place mini marshmallows and hot chocolate mix in an empty, dry water bottle. Also tuck a few small letter manipulatives in the bottle. Then secure the lid with tape. Write the letters on a sheet of paper and make a class supply. A youngster takes a paper and then shakes and manipulates the bottle, crossing off each letter he finds!

I’ve shared a few of my favorite classroom themes. What are some of yours?

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4 thoughts on “Favorite Classroom Themes

  1. Penquins, dinosaurs and gingerbread are my favorite. I enjoy worms too. Being from Michigan myself I love to do the seasons as we have the best seasonal changes i n the country. Sorry all just my opinion.

  2. I love to teach about the Farm to my preschoolers. So many different things to learn about, how plants grow, animals, machinery etc.

  3. Fall was one of my favorite themes this year…the leaf unit was lots of fun, down to making edible leaves out of milk painted wheat bread sprinkled with cinnamon sugar! YUM!

  4. We are using a rather-new curriculum, and one of my favorite themes in it is “Art All Around Us.” I set up an art & music school in my pretend & learn center. I put up an easel with chalk and paint as well as a small piano and other instruments. The students have a blast, and I love watching their artistic expression. 🙂

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