Fall Is Here!

Fall is here, teacher friends! I’ve noticed that people generally “fall” into one of two categories when it comes to this season. And here they are:

Personality #1:
Fall is the most glorious season in existence! I want to frolic among the crunchy leaves. I see candy corn and I’m filled with bliss. Hooray for pumpkin everything!

Personality #2:
Fall is the beginning of the slide into the nightmare that is winter. Soon it will be cold and gray. Crunchy leaves mean that the mold count is up. Halloween is silly and snack-size candy is a disappointment to us all. 

I am firmly in the first category, although I do think that snack-size candy is a bit of a disappointment. Whichever category you find yourself in, you need fall printables for your students. Here are some awesome options!


Click here for this pumpkin life cycle printable!





Click here for this fall-themed printable on two-digit subtraction.


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