Fabulous Flowers!

Spring is here–and that means that plants are beginning to sprout and bloom! Check out the super sweet booklet given below on the needs of a plant. This idea is one of the activities available in the May online issue of The Mailbox–Kindergarten! To get the monthly magazine, you need The Mailbox Gold.

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Perfect for Plants!

Skill: Identifying the needs of plants

Getting ready: For each student, accordion-fold a 6″ x 18″ piece of light colored construction paper into five equal sections.

1. Instruct each student to unfold her paper and position it vertically.
2. Have her write “Plants need…” and her name in the top section.
3. Guide her to write and illustrate a different plant need in each remaining section. Point out that plants need nutrients to grow. Most plants get nutrients from soil, but some plants get nutrients by growing in a solution of water and nutrients instead of soil.
4. Ask each student to turn her paper over and draw a picture of a tall plant.


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