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Are you already wondering how you’ll wrap up this school year? Ouch! Did one of you just reach out and thump me? Okay, it is still April—which means you may not think you’re ready to read about an awesome end-of-the-year wrap-up that’s easy for the teacher and keeps kiddos focused and behaving until the very last day of school. But just in case—here’s the scoop.

Grab a calendar and label the last day of school with the letter Z. Then working backwards, label each remaining school day with the preceding alphabet letter. Begin your wrap-up on the day labeled A and then count down the remaining school days letter by letter. When classroom expectations for the day are achieved, reveal the 15 minute end-of-the-day privilege. Here are some ideas to get you started!

A-Airplanes (make and fly paper ones), B-Brain break activities, C-Class card game, D-Dance to music, E-Extra recess, F-Freetime, G-Gum chewing, H-Hangman game, I-Interview the teacher, J-Jump rope, K-Koosh ball game,  L-List of favorite school events, M-Memory game, N-Notes to next year’s class, O-Outdoor reading, P-Puzzle pages, Q-Quiet game, R-Raffle, S-Seat swap, T-Treat, U-Use your noodle (solve riddles) V-Video surprise, W-Whisper game, X-X-change autographs, Y-Year-end cleanup or party, Z-Zip off into summer.

Do you have additional ideas for the letter specific days? Please share!



7 thoughts on “End on Z

  1. B – blow bubbles
    M – match a rhyme or beginning sound with a partner
    G – graph your favorite pet/color/shape/food/etc.
    F – freeze game (freeze when the music stops)
    H – hot potato game
    P – positional words on the playground (show/act out)

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