Easy Resolutions to Keep?

What?? Resolutions that are easy to keep? We all know that keeping a resolution is much easier said than done. So when I saw the words easy and resolutions in the same sentence, I had to investigate. What I discovered is that it really depends on your personal goals. (You knew that didn’t you?) I did find these helpful tips:

  1. Rephrasing a resolution often makes it easier to keep. For example instead of making a resolution to lose weight, eat less sugar, or exercise more—make a resolution to “live longer.” Yep, that should do the trick.
  2. Start small. If you want to get organized in 2018, pick one small organizational skill you can do in a few minutes each day until you’ve mastered it. Then choose another and another. For example, make sure dirty clothes land in the hamper and not on the floor.
  3. Set reasonable expectations. If you want to travel more in the new year, set your sights on what you can afford. My bank account can’t handle a trip to a far-off location, however it can handle a day trip each month or two to a nearby town or park. It’s really all about a change of scenery.

I’m not much of a resolution-making gal. If you read between the lines this means I tend to fail miserably and I find no reason to set myself up for failure. However I still have a few days left to ponder the notion.

Are you making resolutions for the

new year? Please share!

Hoping to be inspired!



2 thoughts on “Easy Resolutions to Keep?

  1. I have made and kept this resolution for years: My New Year’s Resolution is to NOT make a resolution, so far I’ve kept it. Now that I see it in writing though, it seems sort of confusing. hmm. Oh well HAPPY NEW YEAR! TO ALL THE MAILBOX STAFF AND FELLOW TEACHERS!

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