Easter is Coming!

Move over Easter Bunny–the Easter Bilby is here!

Easter is sneaking up on me this year! The holiday falls only two weeks past St. Patrick’s Day so you might as well put bunny ears on your leprechauns. Do you think an Easter Leprechaun would be odd? You might change your mind after you hear about these Easter bunny alternatives from other countries.

Switzerland: The Easter Cuckoo
Australia: The Easter Bilby (It’s a marsupial. I suppose the             pouch would help with egg carrying.)
France: The Easter Bell. (It flies…with a suitcase.)

I love hearing about unique holiday traditions! 🙂 Start a classroom tradition of your own with these awesome Easter activities that support important classroom skills.



With this activity, students shell out some change to decorate an egg cutout.




Students focus on decomposing numbers with this simple idea!

2 thoughts on “Easter is Coming!

  1. The children in my classroom make stained glass crosses,and use plastic eggs and fill them with objects that represent the true story of Easter. We read the story of Easter and the children have fun making cross shaped snacks.

  2. Our Daycare used to ask each child to bring in a dozen plastic eggs filled with wrapped candy, stickers or other trinkets. We asked them to tape them shut and than our director and the staff would hide them in the two playgrounds for the children to find. While the children were napping the staff would the children’s easter basket.

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