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That Easter Bunny is really something! Thanks to an early visit from this extra special fluffy friend, I have a set of 12 colorful markers to give away to one lucky blog reader!

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The most useful teacher newsletter arrives each week in your inbox.

It’s a newsletter you look forward to receiving.

What do you like best about this newsletter?

(Why do you like it SOOOO much?)

You’re “somebunny” special!


151 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Surprise Giveaway

  1. I love it because the newsletter has the theme of the week. It also has books, songs, and lots of other ideas to help you plan your weekly theme based activities for the children.

  2. I would love a newsletter which would have some “teacher hacks” each time: time savers, great websites to access, a new “must have book,” discounts available, etc.

  3. My favorite part lists grant opportunities, research opportunities for teachers and other ways I can increase my professional development.

  4. It would have quick, easy to implement tips I could use immediately. Things to try such as organization, classroom management, or self-care ideas.

  5. The newsletter would have the most up-to-date research, research based, developmental learning practices for specific age groups

  6. I would love a newsletter that included sections on strategies to use with struggling readers, fun classrom projects and ideas that align with the curriculum and standards that month/week, uplipfting words/inspiration for teachers, and other interesting information like flexible seating ideas and/or good websites to use with a smartboard for different subjects.

  7. It shows actual pictures of children engaged in learning activities! As a parent, I want to feel connected to what’s happening at school, to share in my child’s joys and challenges, so we can talk about her day and follow up at home… A picture is worth a thousand words!

  8. A newsletter that has quick ready to use ideas for literacy and math. Along with a list of great books that has repetition in it for the kids to join in on readin.

  9. I would love quick and easy brain breaks that tie in curriculum. I like to play four corners but need new ideas.

  10. I have been teaching a long time but I love that the newsletter give me fresh new ideas to use in my classroom.

  11. I have often made newsletters for my school, and what I liked the most and what I found that others liked the most was that I put in the newsletters positive news about the school and individual classrooms. For example, when the school was collecting cans and other aluminum, recycling them, and donating the money from recycling to a local charity, I put an article in every weekly issue announcing the top 3 classrooms that donated the most cans and other aluminum each week.

  12. The newsletter would contain suggestions for how to help your child at home with concepts being taught in class.

  13. I would like a newsletter that includes seasonal activities. Activities such as math and literacy centers. Also, STEM activities. These activities would be useful in my classroom because they are things we do weekly. New activities delivered to you weekly without having to search the internet for them!

  14. My favorite newsletter would have lessons/printables that I could use right away, as well as lesson plans and ideas for themes for the NEXT month. (ie – getting valenitne stuff in February just gets deleted because I have already done my planning for that month in January)

  15. The newsletter will share what is RIGHT with our schools, students, and educators. It would share inspiration, ideas, and encouragement to continue making an impact to our generations of leaders and citizens.

  16. Quick, on standard activities that can be easily integrated into the classroom. Also, a spot for laughs or funny stories from the classroom.

  17. The newsletter would have useful strategies, web sites and information that I could use in me secondary learning support classroom to help improve my students’ reading and writing skills.

  18. Easy sentence starters to get kids to collaborate and ask higher level questions. Useful websites to help struggling readers, and difficulties with math.

  19. A newsletter with mental health and mindfulness activities geared towards elementary kiddos! Activities, books, poster ideas, anything to keep mental health as part of our everyday curriculum.

  20. The newsletter would tell what each department was doing. It is difficult to talk to talk with your co-workers at times, and this would help with lesson planning.

  21. A newsletter with free vocab images/cards that are editable for teachers who teach elementary in a second language

  22. A weekly newsletter with a current event written at my students grade level that I can share aloud, or hand for them to read. I would for my 4th graders to keep up with what’s going on in the world.

  23. I would welcome ways to get community members engaged in engaging our kids. Solid Math quick reference rules across the grade levels and reminders of how families need to be involved in their kids progress.

  24. I love the newsletter has useful classroom management tips and lots of new ideas for reading and writing. It will also encourage all teachers with tips and suggestions how to make classroom learning better. I5 will have hands on activity suggestions as well.

  25. I would love a newsletter that focused on trauma sensitive children and different techniques helping them and other students in the room live together in a classroom. Another newsletter I’d love would be tips on organizing classroom spaces.

  26. Social/emotion information, classroom management, free printable that are grade and school specific, how to talk to parents/guardians about possibly holding their child back one year, current events that are relatable to little kids… the list goes on.

  27. I’d love activities for older students who still need fun activities, 8-10 year olds. I hate to let kids lose the fun and activities of their young lives. Also, strategies for keeping students engaged, strategies for EL learners, strategies for struggling readers and mathematicians. Lastly, books, what is new and good to share with my students.

  28. The newsletter would help me with ways to covey to the families the importance of engaging with their children and show how frequent phones and other electronic device use keep families from communicating as much as they should.

  29. I am torn: I would like a theme/topic with ideas for all interest areas but I also would like challenging behaviors ideas.

  30. It has clever and resourceful ideas without spending a lot of money. It also has some great practical advice

  31. I would love a newsletter that had a level for muddle school. These are hard to find. We still have struggling readers at this level and need helpful strategies for this difficult age group. It would also gave technology tips and tricks.

  32. Give great suggestions on being intentional while doing activities and more ideas on motor movement activities.

  33. It has real ideas from real teachers for anything from bulletin board ideas to book recs for particular subjects/concepts, to classroom management strategies.

  34. It would share the progress of the child and how far they have come. It will show how hard work is paying off and see lots of smles

  35. It would give simple, yet effective ways to present various concepts. It would also have ideas for differentiation.

  36. I would love a newsletter with simple games, rhymes, and stories that have goals attached to them (ways to practice spatial relations, simple shapes, rhymes etc)

  37. Pictures of true teaching ideas working in classrooms with students on topics that I need to teach. No purchase needed, no long stories, no perfection. Real teaching ideas I can use tomorrow if needed or sticks in my mind because I saw it and it will stick with me until I need it.

  38. The newsletter would give the most current sites and apps for education and authentic ways to use them with students.

  39. It would be easy to follow. Sometimes I get things in a weekly newsletter that are so hard to follow, I don’t even take the time to read it. It jumps around, and the format is not reader friendly. Simple boxes, clear headings, not a lot of text, pictures of a completed project are always a nice touch.
    April 2019 Newsletter.
    Spring has sprung, I see pink and white blossoms everywhere. (Hello allergies, I welcome you as that means no more snow), Along with Spring comes some of my favorite activities: bugs and flowers.
    Theme of the Month: Insects and Spring
    Activity -Insects:
    Cut out a very large (bulletin board sized) pattern of a mason jar and have kids cut and glue insects onto the jar. Use the heading “What’s in your jar?”. I also like to use: “Don’t be a bug bully” .
    Go on a bug hunt. See what kind of insects you can find.
    Math: Count how many bugs are in the jar.
    Science: Apple Core. Using the cores from the apples, place cores outside. Bury some of the cores, leave half the core exposed, lay some of the cores directly on top of the soil. Take a picture of the cores on day 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. Document what bugs/insects are on the core, the decomposition process of the cores over the week, use magnifiers for a closer look.
    Spin Art Flowers: Have kids cut out a flower pattern, place inside a salad spinner, drizzle with primary color paints, put the lid on and spin away. Remove the lid and see how the primary colors have turned into secondary colors. You can also use small, paper plates. Before the kids spin art the plates, have them cut petals around the plate.
    Math: How many petals are on your flower.
    Tips from Teachers:
    Did you know the hole in a plastic egg was for a sucker? Simply open the egg, place a sucker stick through the hole and close the lid. This way you can eat the sucker without getting sticky and save it for later.
    Inspiring Words: “We rise by lifting others”. or “Teaching isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it”.

  40. The newsletter is targeted for my grade level, is well organized by topics, has beautiful graphics, links to useful freebies and has frequent giveaways.

  41. I love the newsletter that inspires me, with ingenius ideas and ready-to-implement tested-and-tried Ps-Qs-Rs-Ss: printables, quotes, rhymes, and songs. Mahalo for asking, and mahalo to The Mailbox for always sharing fabulous Ps-Qs-Rs-Ss!

  42. The newsletter would have fun stem challenges, free printable activities and lots of cool art projects!!!!!

  43. A letter with positive encouragements!! And telling me all the things I am doing correctly with a positive way to offer feedback!!

  44. It would be great to have some simple fast transition activities, ideas or songs. Also classroom behavior management idess for different ages from toddler age on up.

  45. The Newsletter has inspirational articles to build up teachers on their hardest days and reminders that we are only human and it’s okay to step back for a moment.

  46. Ideas and tips on formative assessments, organization, printable….what isn’t awesome about this newsletter?? ????

  47. The newsletter will provide strategies for subject integration and differentiation, I including manipulatives.

  48. The newsletter will provide strategies for subject integration and differentiation, I including manipulatives.

  49. The newsletter would contain standards based lessons that are easy to link to and easy to implement. It would be STEM oriented and include cooperative learning strategies so kids would get the most out of the lessons. I love learning from other teachers. I also love sharing what I know. The newsletter would also have a link for me and other teachers to share their great lesson ideas around a specific grade level and learning standard. This all sounds like a dream, but we are dreaming here… right? 🙂

  50. A newsletter with STEM ideas, library organization ideas (I LOVE books) quick and easy ideas to implement right way. How can I NOT love a newsletter that has lots of giveaways.

  51. My favorite newsletter would have activities, seasonal/ themed decor or clip art, or anything for those younger kiddos to keep things interesting and fun.

  52. Preschool ideas that are easy and new to implement. Ideas from experienced teachers. New seasonal songs and movement games.

  53. It would include a few free resources, math/reading strategies, and maybe a meaningful quote or wise words for teachers.

  54. It would have print out literacy activities that correspond with popular children’s literature and state standards.

  55. A grade specific news letter with tips, new book recommendations and ideas for help with my classroom activities , and behaviors would be a most welcome addition to my teaching tools.

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