Double-Your-Fun First Friday Giveaway

Prizes, prizes, prizes!

Bring on the confetti! Here at The Mailbox Blog we are having a double giveaway. Yes, you read that correctly—a double giveaway! And here’s why. It’s the first Friday of June and that of course means it’s giveaway time. Yippee! Our second celebration has to do with the number of comments left right here on the blog. We are nearing comment number 30,000! In celebration of this milestone the person who leaves comment number 30,000 will automatically win a prize. Double yippee! (First Friday Giveaway winners are selected using the random number generator at

To enter for a chance to win simply leave your answer to the following question right here on the blog. Just be sure to do this before midnight on Sunday, June 11, 2017. We’ll announce the winners on the blog, and we’ll also notify the winners at the email address used to submit the comment. Here’s your question:

What are two things on your summer to-do list?

Hooray for June!


We have our winners! Congratulations to Christina M. and Donna P!

181 thoughts on “Double-Your-Fun First Friday Giveaway

  1. I need to plan and create new curriculum materials for my special needs learners along with enjoying beach time with my family 🙂

  2. One thing I plan to do is to visit my son and family in Texas. Another thing I plan to do is to spend a week at the beach and go to two concerts!

  3. I plan to have a relaxing vacation in Hawaii and try to not be stressed about miss v four weeks of summer since my district went against everyone’s wishes and moved up our start date.

  4. Visit Upstate New York & Niagara Falls; go through my school supplies to see what I need to keep & what I don’t.

  5. Get the household chores done….those that have been neglected over the last few weeks of May, and take a trip to Nantucket Island.

  6. Not waking up early during the week and looking for “back to school” sales and getting ready for the “New School Year.”

  7. Go to Vermont, pack a U-Haul and drive back to Arizona is first on my list for this summr and second is to finish the Harry Potter series again ( I am almost finished with The Half-Blood Prince) and watch the movies to go with the books. If I have time, I will do quilting and work on graduate classes.

  8. Going to Florida to spend time with old high school friends and reading must catch up on the best sellers of the year

  9. Take my daughter to Dollywood for her 19th birthday.
    Spend time with my family, read, clean out my garage and relax.

  10. Write one letter to my adopted soldiers every day and finish the World War II project that I am working on at the museum.

  11. Two things on my summer to do list…visit Las Vegas and organize the closets and cupboards in my house!!

  12. My two summer to-do list…….clean out my classroom and reorganize my phonics/ spelling words sorts. Oh and relax and enjoy take care.of my garden!

  13. 1 – organize my personal classroom library. I’ve started and typed 200 into an excel file while organizing them into boxes by series/author and have finished my chapter books… now time to start the picture books (and find more boxes). I always find books at garage sales for 25 or 50 cents so I can’t pass them up.
    2 – relax with family (at a family reunion in Kansas in a couple weeks)

  14. Enjoy my 5 month old baby and work on the times table with my 8 year old. 🙂 Drink a lot of coffee and meet up with my best friend! #loveSummer

  15. I am finishing writing the curriculum and lesson plans for my preschool room next year. Also spending time with my family!

  16. I love gardening and have limited time while teaching. Now that school is out, I can get my hands back in the dirt, and back to enjoying taking care of my flowers. Then off to the beach to spend precious time with family to relax….It’s the best! Of course, I’m always looking for new ideas for my preschoolers over the summer…I enjoy that too! Have a safe and happy summer!

  17. Get more time to travel with my husband and to not go insane with 12 toddlers in my class! (Daycare teacher no summers off)

  18. 1. Encourage my kids to read to me, and to read to each other.
    2. Play outside and enjoy the summer weather with my kids, dog, and cat.

  19. 1) Finally spend time with my husbNd and kids, he’ll be back in July/Au. He’s been gone since January.
    2) hit the gym hard
    3) clean/ organize house.
    Make a better me 🙂

  20. I know I am only supposed to list two of my plans, but all three of these are at the top of my list.
    1. I plan to spend more time with my ailing husband.
    2. I plan to spend more time outside working in my flowers.
    3. I teach preschool and I plan to ‘get all of my ducks in a row’ before we go back this fall.

  21. I have taught a Head Start class for more than 20 yrs. I have used Mailbox for the most of that time. I love getting the magazines in the mail! The Mailbox Gold online is awesome too! Thank you for what you do. It has really been a great blessing to me over the years. There are always new activities that challenge, and keep the children interested. It makes it easier for me to plan fun activities that will help the children meet the goals we set for them. I never get tired of getting my magazine in the mail or finding another e-mail from you! It is something that I look forward to on a regular basis.

  22. 8 more days of summer schools, traveling, swimming, reading and definitely spending time with my family. It is time to relax and recuperate.

  23. Spend time with my family and get my learning materials in order for next year since I will no longer have an assistant.

  24. I will be spending my days with summer school, working as a special education paraprofessional teacher incorporating lots of crafts in our lesson plans! and making time for myself so I will be ready for a new school year!!!

  25. Prepare for my very first classroom and relax as much as I can before what I know will be a hard, but rewarding, first year teacher experience!!

  26. For the first time in 9 years I am not working summer school. I need some family and some me time. My to-do list includes:
    1. Go to the ocean
    2. Read books

  27. Teach since our preschool is year-round and spend some extra time with my own kiddos not having to worry about their schoolwork!

  28. Prep for a new grade level…I’m moving to Pre-K! Also catch up on all the reading that I never have time for!

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