Don’t Look Back

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Have you ever done something wrong when you’re teaching? Said something that was worded badly? Not trusted a child when you should have? Been weak when you should have been strong? We ALL have. And have you ever had a difficult time getting that mistake out of your mind? We’ve ALL done that too. So how do you get over the past and live in the present? I’ve done some research and found the BEST advice, but I’ll warn you, some of them aren’t easy to follow!

  1. Smile. It seems simple, but smiling lightens your mood and helps you focus on current events. I’ve been trying this one lately on crazy days at the grocery store.

  2. Do one thing at a time.  “Ha, ha, funny lady,” you say. “Do you know how busy I am?” I know that’s a tough one. But try to slow down and focus on the task at hand.

  3. Don’t cling to past accomplishments. We all like to remember times in the past when we’ve done spectacular things. But if you don’t want to cling to bad memories, you shouldn’t cling to good ones either. Think about moving forward.

  4. Forgive yourself. Hey, we all screw up. That’s how we learn.

  5. Space out your tasks. Do you have 58 things to accomplish today? Do you REALLY need to accomplish all of those things? Give yourself some air between those tasks. It’s tough to focus on the present when you don’t have breathing room.

Go forth, fabulous teacher! Shed that negativity, and be awesome. 🙂

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