Don’t Get Lost!

I’m leaving this week for a vacation, and this trip is going to be different from others in one way: I’m going to drive a car in a foreign country. Picture a medium-size SUV and tiny, winding little roads with questionable smartphone service. (What blows my mind is that I think this was actually my idea.) That’s why I went ahead and ordered a good old-fashioned paper map. I may not ever need it, but I’m glad it’s there. And it reminds me that map skills are still relevant. Even if you disregard that they’re needed as a navigation system backup, map skills are important because they are a foundation for spatial reasoning. Also, without maps we have a difficult time making sense of our world.  Check out these FREE map reading activities to use with your students.


With this activity sheet, students read a map to answer questions about our capital city.







This map reading activity sheet is perfect for October!


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