Don’t Forget Sunscreen!

I recently went to the beach with some friends and, for some reason, forgot to put sunscreen on my legs.


I slathered sunscreen everywhere except for those very important parts that keep me mobile. As you can imagine, my legs were burned to a crisp. Sunscreen is so important! It’s definitely a healthy habit youngsters need to embrace from an early age. To help emphasize that sunscreen is an essential part of summer, lead youngsters in this fun action rhyme! Afterward, ask students why they believe sunscreen was included in the rhyme, leading them to conclude that sunscreen is an important part of having fun in the sun.


Summertime sunglasses, (Circle fingers around eyes.) 
Summertime hat, (Touch head.) 
Summertime sunscreen (Rub arm.) 
And ball and bat. (Pretend to swing a bat.) 
Summertime swimming (Pretend to swim.) 
And summertime plants, (Move arms to mimic a growing plant.) 
Summertime sun (Circle arms above head.) 
And summertime ants! (Wiggle fingers along arm.)


One thought on “Don’t Forget Sunscreen!

  1. I am currently taking a medication that requires I limit time spent in the sun. So I have been using an umbrella, wearing hats, and long sleeve shirts & slacks.

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