Don’t Be Bugged! We’ve Got Contests, Freebies, and More!

Are you bugged by bugs? Don’t be! These fascinating creatures provide a wealth of teachable moments both indoors and outside. The Ultimate Bugopedia from National Geographic Kids offers a fact-filled photo journey of more than 400 creepy to cool insects, from the extraordinary bombardier beetle and tarantula hawk to the all-too-familiar mosquito and head louse. Are you eager to share this complete bug reference with your students? Submit a comment to our blog by 11:59 pm EDT Thursday, May 22, 2014, to let us know which of this week’s fun freebies are your favorites. One lucky teacher will win my copy of this book! Submit a comment now for your chance to win! (Update: congratulations to Andy, who is our winner!)


While you’re thinking about nature, check out this adorable, no-fuss bird and nest project! Making it provides lots of cutting fun, so be ready with Fiskars’ kids scissors. Designed for ages four and up, these scissors have a safety-edge blade for high-quality cutting with a safer blade angle. Plus they’re as colorful as they are comfortable for kids to use! Click here for free step-by-step directions on how to make this project.



Want to win a $150 Elmer’s prize pack and a $100 gift card from Michaels and get free instructions for seasonal keepsake projects? Then enter the Make a Million Classroom Memories sweepstakes! What could you win? For starters, the prize pack includes 30 bottles of Elmer’s Washable White School Glue, 60 Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks, 30 Elmer’s X-TREME School Glue Sticks, and more! (What teacher couldn’t use 30 bottles of glue and 90 glue sticks?) The next drawing will be held June 1. Click here to enter now!


Preschool teachers: this free interactive webinar is for you! Top 10 Ways to Prepare Your Children for Kindergarten is designed to help you keep instruction playful while preparing your students for the increasingly rigorous demands of kindergarten. The methods and techniques are from the award-winning Get Set for School curriculum. But hurry, the webinar is on May 22. Click here now to reserve your seat!


Don’t forget: post your comment today for your chance to win!


22 thoughts on “Don’t Be Bugged! We’ve Got Contests, Freebies, and More!

  1. I absolutely love Handwriting without tears and will be signing up for the webinar,.
    Would love the bug book.

  2. I would love to win the book, “Don’t Be Bugged!” My k-2 self contained class would love this story!

  3. Not sure if i need this more for my kids or me- they seem to know more than i do about which bug is which!!

  4. I would love the Ultimate BUGopedia book!! I am planning on doing a bug/pests theme with my informational/argumentative units next year with my 6th graders. They will be doing research, reading articles & books, and writing articles, debating, and writing an argumentative paper. This would be a wonderful resource to have available for them.

  5. What a great book! Since I am one of two men at my school, the students are constantly bringing me bugs to look at and tell them what they are. This book would add so much to their research projects.

  6. I would love to win the book, “Don’t Be Bugged”! my pre- k kids love looking at the different bugs, and collecting them.

  7. We offer a summer school age program at our center and one of the themes the students chose for this summer is “All About Bugs”; they would love the book “Don’t be Bugged!”

  8. I work with K-4 students. We enjoy learning about and creating different habitats so the step by step directions for creating the bird and nest project are awesome! We’d also love to read the book,Ultimate Bug-opedia.

  9. My class would love the Ultimate Bugopedia. The Elmer’s package would be great. I teach in a functional classroom and we use lots of glue. It is the most requested supply I ask for for my class!

  10. I am a kindergarten teacher and one of the favorite units we cover is about bugs and we would love to be able to use the “The Ultimate Bug-Opedia” book.
    This year my school budget was so low that I was constant at buying gluesticks, glue bottles with Elmer’s glue, paper and art supplies. Winning the Elmer’s Million would be so Wonderful!

  11. My kindergarten class is wild about all the National Geographic books! Over Christmas break, I created a non fiction center in my room, huge hit, full of NG books!

  12. My favorite is the Elmer’s prize pack and Michaels gift card. Who can come up with a better combination than that? Craft supplies are the best! If they are won they are even better!!

  13. All kids love Bugs and if they can identify them all the better. Even as a browser book it would be a treasured addition to the classroom library.

  14. We study insects in science and the students are completely fascinated. This would be an awesome book to explore with them.

  15. My K5 students are fascinated by all things buggy, so the Ultimate Bugopedia would be a great resource for them. My boys wear our the icky bug books in our class book nook.

  16. What child would not love the Ultimate Bugopedia. I know my class would love it! The Elmer’s glue would come in handy, too. We are always using our glue.

  17. My first year of teaching starts this summer. Teaching is my second career choice. I am so excited, yet overwhelmed with the necessary supplies and materials needed for the classroom. I would be more than appreciative and honored to win such prizes for my classroom. All students love to create projects, and all teachers and parents love Elmer’s glue products. I would love for my first non-fiction book to be, “The Ultimate Bugopedia” from National Geographic Kids. Thank you for your consideration!

  18. My students always react strongly about bugs: either hurray! or yuck!

    The The Ultimate Bugopedia from National Geographic Kids will be a favorite resource.

  19. My little people love bugs! We can’t get enough! Favorite bug of the moment- dragonflies! Mosquitoes- we can do without.

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